Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Norwalk, CT - USA, Rails of Revolution

Proposal Name Closing Datesort descending Opening Date CM Vote
Multiple Character Bylaw 27-Dec-2000 27-Dec-2000 No vote submitted
Streamlining the Admissions Process 28-Dec-2000 28-Dec-2000 No vote submitted
Establish an R&U Coordinator for OWBN 02-Jan-2001 03-Jan-2001 No vote submitted
Information from books 04-Jan-2001 04-Jan-2001 For
Change of Bylaw in election of Coordinators 11-Jan-2001 11-Jan-2001 For
Limit on Coord/ST XP 11-Jan-2001 11-Jan-2001 For
Election of an R&U Coordinator for OWBN 31-Jan-2001 31-Jan-2001 Jennifer
Mandatory Charters-new Article 08-Feb-2001 30-Jan-2001 For
Mandatory Posting of Rule Votes Upcoming on Council 18-Feb-2001 16-Feb-2001 For
Amendment to Assamite Entry to Camarilla 21-Feb-2001 10-Feb-2001 For