OWbN Historical Genre

Section 1: Gangrel Secession from the Camarilla

  1. The Gangrel player (PC's) shall leave the Camarilla only in so far as the in-character actions of the PC's cause them to do so.
  2. Gangrel non-player characters (NPC's) shall participate in these actions in an advisory capacity until the in-character decisions are made, but will, for the most part, leave the Camarilla in accordance with the story lines created by White Wolf.

Section 2: Tremere Antitribu Dead

  1. The Tremere Antitribu are dead. This might be harsh on some player characters, but it stays close to the White Wolf story line.

Section 3: Death of Ravnos

  1. Ravnos has been destroyed.
  2. Any remaining PC's are ones that have survived the holocaust.
  3. This clan will now be included as Rare and Unique under the OWBN Charter

Section 4: Princes blood hunting Justicars

  1. It is legal in the Camarilla for Princes to blood hunt Justicars.

Section 5: Assamite Curse Removed

  1. The Assamites have discovered how to break the curse and that individual chronicles may decide whether to allow their Assamite player characters (PC's) and non-player characters (NPC's) access to whatever remedy from the curse has been discovered.
  2. This does not include the "means" by which the curse is lifted.
  3. This does not mean that it is a blanket, worldwide effect.

Section 6: Assamites Join the Camarilla

  1. "The Inner Council, in cooperation with duly authorized and recognized representatives of Clan Assamite, does hereby amend the Treaty of Tyre and Convention of Thorns (hereinafter referred to as "Treaties") to grant full membership in the Camarilla and all the rights and privileges thereof to those members of Clan Assamite requesting it. The Treaties' provisions stand unchanged for those Assamites who do not choose to accept Camarilla membership. All other provisions of the Treaties remain unchanged."
  2. It is understood that "full membership" shall not be immediate, but a goal to be worked towards, in character, by PCs and their storytellers, for which Council has granted permission. In the interim, "probationary membership" shall be the rule.
  3. "Full membership" shall be granted in OWBN at such a time as is appropriate to the story, such as, but not limited to, White Wolf announcing the appointment of an Assamite Justicar or when events in OWBN naturally lead to a lack of justification for keeping Clan Assamite on probation.

Section 7: Stargazers Leave the Garou Nation

  1. The Stargazers, faced with dwindling numbers and the destruction of their greatest Caern (Shilgalu Monastery in Tibet) have chosen to secede from the Garou Nation in an attempt to regroup.
  2. Existing Stargazer PCs have the option of withdrawing from the Garou Nation or remaining to defend their current caerns and packs. All future Stargazer PCs will be considered Rare and Unique.

Section 8: The Red Star

  1. The Red Star has appeared in the skies, the Final Nights have started.

Section 9: Ends of Empire Plotline

That the organization of One World By Night can truly be "one world," and to organize the shadowlands plots so that consistency may be maintained (not to mention easing the life of the Wraith coordinator), the following clarifications are made in regard to the shadowlands and the denizens therein.

  1. That the 6th maelstrom is in no longer in effect. Future White Wolf/ Onyx path publications may be incompatible with One World by Nights player directed plots. The cause of the 6th maelstrom is relatively unimportant, but if Council ever passes the destruction of Enoch, then it is assumed that this probably contributed to it.
  2. That Zhongguo (the Dark Kingdom of Jade) and the Hierarchy are at a level of war world-wide. This war is intermittent and no nearly as intense as it was at the onset, but it continues nonetheless. Like the 6th maelstrom, this plot may be ended some day by the Wraith Coordinator submitting for council vote a proposal ending to this plotline.
  3. That Risen are more frequently encountered than they ever were in the past. Many of these Risen do not conform to the established way Risen used to operate (cf. The Walking Dead).
  4. That the island of Stygia was lost to Spectre kind but was later retaken by the returned Boneyhands, the Former Skeletal Lord, the new Imperitor. Also, during the final battle, the various events depicted in Ends of Empire are assumed to have taken place. These include:
    • The return and transcendence of Charon.
    • The betrayal of the Hierarchy by the Grim Legion and the Chanteurs' guild.
    • The destruction of the Midnight Express
    • The return of the Mnemoi and the rest of the Guilds to public eye.
    • The destruction/disappearance of the original Deathlords (except Lady of Fate)

Section 10: Global Bloodhunt of Gabriel Camaratta

  1. For the act of killing a Justicar of the Camarilla, Gabriel Camaratta is Globally Bloodhunted. The Justicar in question was Xavier of Gangrel.

Section 11: Creation of an OWBN Red List

If a PC becomes so dangerous as to gain the attention of the Inner Council (read Council ooc), then Council may vote to red list this individual. There can never be more than 13 individuals, PC or NPC, on this list. This PC must already be universally or globally bloodhunted. The Red List would be comprised of OWBN's Most Wanted List, to be handled in game, although the Justicars and their NPCs may also hunt these individuals, by following already established guidelines for such. If STs wish to bring in an NPC redlisted individual to play, for plot reasons, the redlisted individual would be considered R&U for these purposes. The proposal must be run through the R&U Coordinator's office, just like any other R&U character proposal, AND must have a definite period for appearing. No redlisted NPC individual must ever become a chronicle's NPC, and solely reside under the jurisdiction of Council.

Section 12: Children of Osiris Plotline

With the release of Mummy: The Resurrection, 3rd Edition has seen significant changes for both the Children of Osiris vampire characters and Mummy characters. We hope to get owbn up to speed with these changes by mid-fall of 2001.

As per Mummy: The Resurrection, Osiris himself returns to the mortal realm and calls his followers to him. This includes both the Children of Osiris cult of vampires and those Mummies that were created with the Osiris/Isis version of the Spell of Life.

After the Children of Osiris make their way to Egypt, answering Osiris' powerful supernatural call, they are judged in Ancient Egyptian tradition. Those that have kept to Osiris' tenants and who wish to continue serving him undergo a powerful ritual and are made mortal once more. Those who are found wanting are destroyed.

Mummies also find themselves drawn to Egypt to answer Osiris' call. There, they commit ritual suicide so that they might be changed by the new, more potent version of the Spell of Life. Once they undergo the process, the new mummies are reborn in accordance with Mummy: The Resurrection's rules. OWBN is enacting this plotline with a few changes, and that if this proposal is passed, the date of these changes shall correspond to a special event hosted by the Champaign-Urbana storytelling team, on a date chosen by the Wraith Coordinator and the Rare and Unique Coordinator, although no sooner than Sept. 1st of 2001.

While the focus of the plotline is obviously on Mummy PCs, OWBN's larger concern will be the fate of its Children of Osiris. First off: the supernatural summons sent forth by Osiris is irresistible, and could even incorporate Entropic and/or Correspondence True Magik, so that ALL of the Children of Osiris, regardless of circumstance, will find themselves in Egypt on the predetermined date.

Then, deviating slightly from White-Wolf's published materials, the Children will find themselves together in Egypt, facing a panel of judges (instead of trickling in, one-by-one.) Every Child of Osiris will be "judged," although in this case, those PCs and NPCs would be "judged" by their home chronicle's storytellers, with a verdict to be kept secret until the date of the plotline's inception.

After judgment, those characters deemed "unworthy" by the judges of the dead shall be irrevocably destroyed. Those found "worthy" shall undergo a high ceremony that will result in becoming mortal once again, without any supernatural powers, and magically prevented from ever being re-embraced. (Any attempt at re-embrace will result in the death of the character. Storytellers may choose whether or not they would want Children of Osiris mortal PCs to return to their games.)At the same time, on the same pre-determined date, mummy characters will also find themselves summoned to Egypt to undergo the appropriate changes in their characters. While there are no live-action rules yet for Third Edition mummies, storytellers are encouraged to incorporate the roleplay of the plotline, if not any changes to game mechanic. (There are so few mummy PCs in owbn that house rules should be sufficient to handle these cases.)

We realize that this rather extreme circumstance will result in the loss of the greater majority of owbn Children of Osiris PCs, either through destruction or retirement. To compensate for this, we volunteer to enact the majority of these plotline changes at a special event held in the fall. The special event will incorporate as many Children of Osiris as possible, as well as Mummy PCs and NPCs. The special event will offer PCs a story ending with as much pomp and circumstance, as well as grand role play, as possible. As stated before, each PCs own home chronicle's storytellers will have pre-determined the outcome of their character's judgment going in. Of course, those characters unable to make it to the special event will undergo the appropriate plotline change on the same (or closest equivalent) game date. In these cases, storytellers will be encouraged to offer their Children of Osiris a similar grand end scene.

Section 13: Springfield Conclave Decisions

  1. A Praxis seizure is successful by whomever can hold the Domain. Destruction of the Prince before a Declaration of Praxis is severely frowned upon, but it does not constitute an illegal Praxis Seizure.
  2. The power of the Prince is absolute within his Domain. The Power of the Justicariate is absolute globally. It is within the Prince's right to exercise his Domain powers to earn the ire of the Justicariate as he sees fit.
  3. The declaration of Lexitalonis is a dire decision. In the event that a Prince must change his declaration, he must forfeit 3 measures of his personal esteem within the Camarilla, for that is what the Camarilla deems fit to give to him upon ascension to that office. (This was later changed to 2 by Masako because 3 was not an option given to the Clan elects.) Note: If you kill the Prince that declared the Bloodhunt, your Bloodhunt stands until the Justicariate feels like hearing the case.
  4. Recorded media of any sort, containing evidence of our existence, is to be considered a breach of the Masquerade. As such, it may not be used to accuse another of the a Breach of the Masquerade.
  5. In order to gain Hospitality within a Domain, one must present themselves to the Prince, or in the Prince's absence the Seneschal, in person. Modern communications conveniences and powers of the blood are not allowed to work as intermediaries in this.