OWBN New Player Resource Center

New Player Resource Center

Getting started with any new game can be intimidating and confusing.  We hope to lessen that as much as possible by providing you with the information necessary to get started!  If you need anything at all, questions or comments, please Contact Us to let us know how we can help.


Probably the most important thing is to find out if there is a game, or Chronicle, near you.  We have our Game Directory where you can search and filter to find out what is within a reasonable distance of your location.


Next in the list of important information!  We use the Old World of Darkness system that was written by White Wolf Publishing.  Most games you attend will have copies of the books we use on hand that they will share with you to make up a character.  If you decide you’d like your very own copy you can check out DriveThruRPG for all the books we use.


For a little more information on our games you can visit our Marketing Team or our Mentor Team.  You can also Contact Us and we can guide you to any resources you might need!