Code of Ethics

One World by Night (OWbN) is a diverse community existing within an open and safe environment free of bias and harassment, strengthening our environment of trust and integrity. Our goal is to create a healthy, safe environment for enjoying the classic World of Darkness.

We want to foster a positive community that respects its participants. Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds and countries where different types and tones of speech may be acceptable. OWbN seeks to find the balance between promoting sportsmanship and cultivating a community that encourages honest and civil conversations that are relevant to our group.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Ethics (COE) and Conduct (CoC) defines the foundation of our organization and what we stand for and against. It is a means to grow and prosper as a community and guide us in times when faced with difficult challenges and hardship. The guidelines here are intended mostly for Out of Character (OOC) purposes unless specifically stated against In Character (IC) purposes.

Disciplinary proposals and action made in regards to our COE and CoC against a member of One World by Night are subject to the Executive Team. The Executive Team will arbitrate what is and is not a violation and present occurrences to Council for disciplinary action if and when necessary. It is not advised that games make proposals for disciplinary action based of this Code of Conduct without first communicating with the Exectutive Team.

Violations can and do happen from time to time unfortunately. Sometimes they are accidents and other times they are intentional. For the lesser actions on this list, mediation with the offended party and the offender may take place.

Should there ever be questions on this it is strongly advised you seek out the Executive Team for assistance.

#1 Personal Life Comes First

Our personal responsibilities always take precedence over One World by Night (AKA OWbN) matters. We understand our chronicles are works of fantasy. If the line ever starts to blur, we must be responsible members of our community and stop and speak with appropriate chronicle staff or an Executive Team member, and take whatever time off from OWbN events is necessary to put things back in proper perspective.

#2 Obey the Law

We are safe during all OWbN activities. For safety reasons, stunting, actually drinking blood, and other activities a presiding Storyteller/ Chronicle staff finds likely to cause physical harm or breaks local, state or federal laws are specifically not allowed at events. All physical contact must be consensual. Local chronicles may extrapolate further, specific restrictions for their local community as necessary.

#3 Be Inclusive

Whenever possible, try to find ways to include others (especially newer players and characters) in your character’s plans. Barter with them to use their character’s influences to further your character’s goals. Encourage them to gather information for you. Be a mentor to new arrivals. As with many things, there is a learning curve to LARP; be available to help newer players with questions about the setting or mechanics. Be mindful of difficult situations such as combat, death, or political defeat that may be hard for newer players to process.

#4 Speak Up

Regardless of what others say and do, you are always in control of your emotions and your reactions. If you feel upset, harassed, or threatened by another participant’s actions, we encourage you to politely tell them to stop. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to them directly, ask an administrative volunteer (appropriate chronicle staff or an Executive Team member) to assist in mediating the situation. If you have questions, ask.

#5 Personality Clashes

While we play in a dark setting where our characters may backstab each other or be mean towards one another, we always treat our fellow players with respect. Checking in with players after a really intense or emotional scenes is greatly encouraged; if you feel that you are getting overwhelmed or emotional and may lash out, take time to calm yourself and then reestablish your character’s persona. Disagreements can and will happen; they are a natural occurrence and can turn into learning experiences. When two people cannot see eye to eye, they should simply agree to disagree and choose not exist in each other’s spaces except when required. If there are any specific issues, address them to the appropriate chronicle staff or the Executive Team.

#6 Unacceptable Behavior

One World by Night is committed to providing members with a social environment free from harassment that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive atmosphere out of character. Engaging in any kind of harassment out of character is prohibited. The following is a list of examples for behaviors we do not support in One World by Night and are grounds for potential disciplinary action. This list represents expectations when One World by Night (OWbN) participants are dealing with other OWbN participants Out of Character. This list is not meant to be all-encompassing, but as the most basic set of guidelines.

A. Abusive Language and Disruptive Behavior: In Character is In Character and Out of Character is Out of Character. Keep them separate. When you are OOC, be respectful to our volunteers, our players, any event staff and event space. When you are IC, remember the section regarding Personality Clashes.

B. Bashing and Slanderous Comments: We do not permit the bashing of individuals (including One World by Night volunteers), groups, or other companies on our communication forums or at club events.

C. Misinformation: We do not tolerate the deliberate and malicious spreading of false rumors or conspiracy theories about One World by Night, its games, or its volunteers. This does not include honest mistakes; rather, this rule pertains to those who go out of their way to spread harmful or malicious rumors about One World by Night, its volunteers, and its community members.

D. Demands and Threats: We encourage you to share feedback, suggestions, and requests with us, but we expect all of our community members to refrain from resorting to demands or threats. We believe that demands and threats are not constructive. Threats of real life violence, in particular, is something we take very seriously and do not tolerate in our community.

E. Hate Speech: Our definition of hate speech is prejudicial or hateful comments, slurs, or statements that promote violence or intolerance toward others because of their race, gender or gender expression, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, color, disability status, lifestyle, or other personally identifying factors. Hate speech creates an unwelcoming environment for our members.

F. Blurring the lines between In Game & Out of Game: One World by Night Live Action Role Play sessions involve role playing situations where members portray characters belonging to a dark and fictional world. Players may often encounter game situations in which characters are verbally abusive to other characters. It is acceptable for characters to verbally abuse other characters, but not for players to abuse other players.

G. Naming and Shaming: “Naming and shaming” is the act of calling out an individual or group by name (usually on a communication forum or social media), and making them the subject of public accusation, ridicule and/or shaming. While a certain amount of rivalry and competitive razzing is healthy for any game community, naming and shaming typically elevates to a point where the subject feels legitimately harassed. We also don't feel that publicly calling out or accusing others by name is in the spirit of our community. If you genuinely believe someone has violated our community’s rules, begin with a discussion with your local officers.

H. Sexual Harassment/Touching: Sexual harassment includes all unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. Additionally, physical contact between players is specifically limited to consensual touch, meaning that both parties must be willing participants in the contact. Players must always be sure other participants are willing before engaging in physical contact.

I. Trolling or Baiting: The act of trolling is defined as something that is created for the intent to provoke conflict, shock others, or to elicit a strong negative or emotional reaction. It’s okay and very normal to disagree with others, and even to debate, but provoking conflict, baiting, inciting, mocking, etc. is never acceptable. It is also not constructive or helpful to publicly call out others and accuse them of trolling, or call them a troll—please refrain from doing so. If you genuinely believe someone is trolling another One World by Night member, inform the appropriate chronicle staff or the Executive Team.

J. Victim Blaming/Shaming: Victim blaming is where the victim of a crime, accident, or any type of abusive behavior is held as responsible (wholy or partially) for the wrongful conduct committed against them. One Word by Night will not be tolerant of Victim Blaming/Shaming.
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