A collaborative World of Darkness
live-action role-playing game community

Admissions Process

10 Step Admissions Plan All communications to be CCed to the Admissions Coord owbnadmissions@gmail.com

Phase 1: Chronicle contacts Admissions Coord

  • Initial questionnaire made to connect them to appropriate Admissions subcoord

Phase 2: Subcoord Assigned

  • Application Form sent to prospective game
  • Discuss territories the game currently 'claims' and/or uses for PC or NPC interactions.
  • Make sure they have read the bylaws and answer any questions they may have about the bylaws (in conjunction with the Admissions Coord)
    • Define 'XP Character boosting' and also ask how much experience is given in an average month/game session, what is the maximum experience any PC/NPC has, what is the maximum exp given in a month for attendance, RP, and total.
  • Connect them with appropriate Genre Coordinators

Phase 3: Go through application

  • Flag R&Us
  • Put the applying game in touch with surrounding games of similar genres
    • Stress that this is an interactive organization
    • Get them to discuss territories if applicable

Phase 4: Put them in contact with appropriate coords (and CC the Admissions Coord)

  • Subcoords need to discuss the connections which need to be made with Coord
    • The actual letter will be sent by Talia the Admissions Coord to make connections
    • Subcoords should request that they continue to be CCed on all interactions with coords from there.

Phase 5: OWbN Background- get them on board with the history

  • This does not hold up the application process- its a general help to get them on board
  • Discuss Game Charter and provide Charter form if help is requested
  • Start looking at the details of our history
    • OWbN history sheet
    • Justicarial Edicts
    • Status Packet
  • Discuss character acknowledgment to help characters get on the appropriate lists after the vote

Phase 6: Full Updated Application presented to Coords for comments

  • Comments are responded to by game (1 week total)

Phase 7: Application proposed on Council

  • Comments are responded to by game (1 week total)

Phase 8: Vote week

  • At the end of the vote week the game is presented with the IC and OOC yahoo list addresses

Phase 9: 3 month Probationary check

  • Questionnaire to see about changes in the game o If needed contact surrounding games and ask how they are doing

Phase 10: Full admissions vote

  • Update Application Application with plot, R&U, and Blood Magic *If a game does not pass its full membership vote, the probationary period will be extended 6 months and steps 9 and 10 will be repeated.