Council Voting Report

Here is a summary of chronicle voting participation for the past 6 months:
% Responses# Chronicles
85% or higher2
75.1% - 85%10
60.1% - 75%23
50.1% - 60%16
40.1% - 50%10
30.1% - 40%12
20.1% - 30%10
10.1% - 20%11
Less than 10%20

This is an overview of how often each chronicle has voted:

Chronicle / Vote CategoryAverage Attendance
(From Last Archivist Report)
Date of Last Archivist ReportR&U Submission
Global/Meta Plot
Bylaw Revision
Genre Packet
Other Public
Opinion Poll
Voting %
Allentown, PA - USA, Steel Valley by Night20Oct-12-20184081332063%
Alto Tietê, SP - Brazil, Sang Royal15Oct-12-201800001002%
Amador, CA - USA, Gaia’s Call30Aug-13-201800000000%
Ann Arbor, MI - USA, Tower of Broken Glass20Oct-12-2018108911042%
Annapolis, MD - USA, Vitae Aeternus20Nov-02-2018306620035%
Athens, GA - USA, Athens After Dark14Oct-12-2018206821040%
Atlanta, GA - USA, Whispers of Atlanta15Aug-16-2018308620142%
Auburn, CA - USA, Lux Tenebras12Oct-12-2018119422040%
Baltimore, MD - USA, Dark Harbor25Aug-13-20184071342165%
Berkeley, CA - USA, Wasting the Dawn30Nov-08-20184081642173%
Bloomington, IL - USA, Zephyr of Darkness10Oct-12-20184091642175%
Boston, MA - USA, Howl of Revolution4Oct-12-20184181322165%
Bradenton, FL - USA, Chaos & Entropy15Oct-12-2018002620021%
Brasília, DF - Brazil, Pacis Aeternae15Oct-29-20185171532171%
Bridgeport, CT - USA, Bridgeport by Night: The Broken City20Aug-10-20183191442069%
Campinas, SP - Brazil, Império das Cinzas60Aug-01-2018001630021%
Cape Cod, MA - USA, Rage Across the Cape8Oct-12-20186192042190%
Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Blackhawk Co. by Night12Oct-12-2018306912146%
Cedar Rapids, IA - USA, Five Nights4Oct-12-20186181512171%
Chicago, IL - USA, Dark Requiem20Oct-12-2018106402027%
Chicago, IL - USA, New Moon Rising20Aug-13-20182071132052%
Cincinnati, OH - USA, Shadows of Cincinnati20Oct-12-20185151641169%
Cleveland, OH - USA, Carpe Noctum21Feb-28-2018417832154%
Cleveland, OH - USA, Heartland Alliance9Nov-30-201810010004%
Cleveland, OH - USA, Under an Eerie Moon15Aug-16-2018501702133%
Columbus, OH - USA, Columbus in Darkness15Oct-12-20182071332056%
Columbus, OH - USA, Wyld Prophets10Oct-12-2018317932052%
Curitiba, PR - Brazil, Curitiba By Night25Oct-18-20186151942179%
Dayton, OH - USA, Dying Embers18Oct-13-2018307722146%
Decatur, IL - USA, The Chaos Within20Oct-12-20184191342171%
Denver, CO - USA, Front Range Sabbat15Oct-12-2018203502127%
Dois Vizinhos, PR - Brazil, The Kingdom by Night15Mar-11-2017000730021%
Dubuque, IA - USA, Crusade of Ashes10Oct-12-20185071342167%
Duluth, MN - USA, Thicker than Blood10Dec-31-201700000000%
Edwardsville, IL - USA, Caught in Eternal Twilight20Aug-13-20184061132156%
Evansville, IN - USA, Paradise Lost10Mar-30-20186191532177%
Fargo, ND - USA, Within Shadow's Reach17Oct-12-2018105421129%
Fortaleza, CE - Brazil, Land of The Sun12Oct-12-201800000000%
Frederick, MD - USA, Baltimore Imbued: The Charmed Hunt0Sep-11-201700000000%
Fredericksburg, VA - USA, Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death26Oct-12-2018404921042%
Gainesville, FL - USA, The New Confederacy15Oct-12-2018417832154%
Gary, IN - USA, Shattered Souls14Oct-12-20182181122156%
Gimli, MB - Canada, Sang Nordique10Oct-12-20186191742183%
Green Bay, WI - USA, Shattered Dreams5Oct-12-20186191832183%
Griffin, GA - USA, Immortal Nights Theater35Oct-12-20185181032163%
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony20Oct-12-2018217630040%
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Past is Prologue25Oct-12-201800110004%
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Stars Never Rise15Dec-05-2018117202129%
Iowa City, IA - USA, Fields of Rage20May-01-20186181732179%
João Pessoa, PB - Brazil, Eternal Shadows7Oct-12-201800011004%
Kenosha, WI - USA, Memento Mori18Oct-12-20182181142160%
La Crosse, WI - USA, The Rivers Edge15Oct-12-2018407511038%
La Crosse, WI - USA, Visions of Blood5Nov-04-201800000000%
Lakeland, FL - USA, Fear Never Sleeps20Oct-12-20186071521065%
Lakeland, FL - USA, Lagos de los Muertos0Oct-12-201800000000%
Lancaster, OH - USA, Mountains Dark Heart10Oct-30-2018202212019%
Lancaster, OH - USA, Never Ending Nights12Nov-17-2018316841048%
Lancaster, OH - USA, Webs of Fate5Nov-17-20184081532169%
Lewiston/Auburn, ME - USA, Shadows and Light14Oct-12-2018208732046%
Lexington, KY - USA, Panders Playground40Aug-07-20184191842181%
Londrina, PR - Brazil, Blood and Vendetta8Oct-12-2018001220010%
Los Angeles, CA - USA, Dark Side of the Moon15Oct-12-2018104200015%
Los Angeles, CA - USA, La Sangre De Los Angeles25Oct-12-20185091232065%
Macon, GA - USA, Stolen Hours13Aug-10-2018205822040%
Madison, Wi - USA, Black Crusade12Jul-02-2018314610031%
Maldonado - Uruguay, Maldonado by Night: Magus et Artifex24Jul-23-201800022008%
Martinsburg, WV - USA, Martinsburg by night10Oct-12-2018218832050%
Milwaukee, WI - USA, Nocturnal Rapture35Oct-12-20185091541173%
Mossoro, RN - Brazil, Mossoro by Night6Jan-02-2018000320010%
Nashville, IN - USA, Tea With Dragons10Oct-12-2018202311019%
Natal, RN - Brazil, Legacy of Blood5Oct-12-2018110520019%
New Orleans, LA - USA, Long Night7Aug-11-2018117712040%
New Rochelle, NY - USA, Seasons of Strange14Oct-12-20182161231052%
New York City, NY - USA, Kings of New York15Oct-12-20186191942188%
Northern Virginia, VA - USA, Night Falls10Oct-12-2018206942048%
Ocala, FL - USA, Hell is Taken10Oct-12-201800000000%
Orland Park, IL - USA, Enigmas of Rage10Oct-12-2018004200013%
Ouro Preto, MG - Brazil, Dying of the Light5Aug-06-20185191122165%
Peoria, IL - USA, The Far Dawn14Aug-11-2018415932152%
Peoria, IL - USA, The Shattered Mirror15Oct-31-20184181442171%
Philadelphia, PA - USA, Honor in the Shadows15Oct-12-20183171242060%
Philadelphia, PA - USA, Nusquam16Aug-16-20185161342065%
Phoenix, AZ - USA, Unchained Arizona8Oct-12-2018006422029%
Plainfield, IL - USA, Obsidian Shadows13Oct-12-2018101410015%
Portland, ME - USA, Blackened Veins20Aug-12-2018217632044%
Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil, Solo Doentio15Aug-10-201800000000%
Providence, RI - USA, Hidden Flame15Oct-12-2018206622038%
Recife, PE - Brazil, Pernambuco by Night: Forever Haunted16Oct-13-201800000000%
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil, City of Wonders9Oct-12-2018107421031%
Rio Grande, RS - Brazil, Sobre a Areia Sempre Hostil20Jul-27-201800021006%
Rockland, NY - USA, Under The Rock6Oct-12-2018317742050%
Rohnert Park, CA - USA, Shadows Crossing5Aug-10-2018104410021%
Sacramento, CA - USA, Sacramento By Night25Jul-20-201800010002%
Saint Paul, MN - USA, Obsidian Towers20Mar-12-20183061131152%
Salvador, BA - Brazil, Veritas Salvatore15Aug-14-2018001310010%
San Francisco, CA - USA, Always Comes Evening25Jun-08-20184191642177%
São Paulo, SP - Brazil, São Paulo by Night30Oct-12-2018307932152%
Savannah, GA - USA, City of Shadows20Nov-04-20182181311156%
Sheboygan, WI - USA, Blood on the Lake3Aug-07-2018001420015%
Springfield, IL - USA, Capitol City Cauldron18Oct-29-2018115410025%
Springfield, OH - USA, Ohio Knights Sabbat10Oct-12-2018519930158%
St. Augustine, FL - USA, On Haunted Ground6Oct-30-20184071242163%
St. Louis, MO - USA, Shadows of St. Louis12Oct-21-2018306831044%
Stamford, CT - USA, Stamford by Night: Shadows of the Gold Coast20Oct-18-20185181642177%
Stockton, CA - USA, Stockton by Night22Oct-31-20186161642175%
Tampa, FL - USA, Orlando: Magic Kingdom10Aug-10-20184081532067%
Tampa, FL - USA, Tampa Bay by Night25Oct-12-20181021120033%
Vale do Itajaí, SC - Brazil, Fear of the Dark15Oct-12-201800001002%
Vale do Paraíba, SP - Brazil, Vale Sangrento12Oct-12-201800021006%
Vitória, ES - Brazil, Blood and Darkness10Oct-12-201800022008%
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Horizon10Oct-12-2018105001015%
Washington, DC - USA, Shadows on the Mall7Jul-21-20183181342065%
Winona, MN - USA, Winona Dark Haven15Aug-15-201811100006%
Worcester County, MA - USA, Quabbin10Oct-12-20182081232056%