One World By Night: Council Overview

Open Votes

Unless otherwise noted on the ballot page, votes open/close at 12:00:00am Eastern Time of the date listed.

Proposal Name Proposal Type Closing Current Vote #
[CHANGING BREEDS] Extended Possession Bylaw Update [BYLAWS]
Bylaw Revision
14-Apr-2020 30
[Demon] Extended Thrall Bylaw Update: Amendment #1 [BYLAWS]
Bylaw Revision
14-Apr-2020 31
[Proposal] [Bylaws] Kiasyd Deregulation - Take 2
Bylaw Revision
14-Apr-2020 29
Rossellini proposal
Bylaw Revision
16-Apr-2020 0
[PROPOSAL] [KINFOLK] [AMENDMENT #4] Kinfolk Re-Regulation (Some De Reg, some Re-Reg) [GRANDFATHERING
Bylaw Revision
17-Apr-2020 0

Closed Votes

Here's a list of proposals that closed within the last seven (7) days. Click here for our searchable archive of Council Proposals.

Proposal Name Proposal Type Closed Votes
[Demon Proposal] Fallen Rarity Changes & Glass Ceiling [Autopass] Bylaw Revision
Vote Completed
09-Apr-2020 51
[Demon Proposal] Laws of the Abyss: Amendment #1 [Autopass] Other Public
Vote Completed
09-Apr-2020 45
[Proposal][Bylaws][Genre][Auto-Pass] Deregulation of Creatures of Smoke and Shadow Bylaw Revision
03-Apr-2020 0