One World By Night: Council Overview

Open Votes

Unless otherwise noted on the ballot page, votes open/close at 12:00:00am Eastern Time of the date listed.

Proposal Name Proposal Type Closing Current Vote #
[Proposal][Changeling][Amendment][OBJECTION] Changeling R&U updates
Bylaw Revision
23-Nov-2017 33
[Proposal] Change to Character Bylaw 7.c.i
Bylaw Revision
27-Nov-2017 16

Closed Votes

Here's a list of proposals that closed within the last seven (7) days. Click here for our searchable archive of Council Proposals.

Proposal Name Proposal Type Closed Votes
[Proposal] Instant-runoff voting for 3+ candidate elections Bylaw Revision
Vote Completed
21-Nov-2017 45
[Proposal] [Amendment] Storyteller Vault NPCs to be treated like Canon NPCs (now with CMs name) Bylaw Revision
Vote Completed
20-Nov-2017 45