Guide to Council

Unofficial OWBN Council Packet
July 9, 2013

Hello and welcome to council! This is an Unofficial list of helpful advice and instructions (taken from the Administrative and Coordinator bylaws) for new and returning Council Members.

Types of Props

  1. You may Object to

  2. There are two types of proposals that may be Objected to and will automatically pass if there is no Objection. To Object you should edit the subject line to include “[Object]” or “[Objection]” and explain in the body of the e-mail why you object and make sure to sign with your name and name of chronicle. These props do not require seconds. If a proposal has been already been Objected to, you may still wish to also Object in case the original Objection is withdrawn. Please be reasonable with this, after ten Objections or so that is probably enough not to worry.
    1. Genre Prop – A Genre or Sect Coordinator may propose a genre packet or genre changing prop.
    2. Joining the Org - If a game has completed their six month probationary period without any Objections then they will automatically be admitted into OWBN.
    3. Administrative By-Law Changes - When a proposal directly affects the proposing Administrative Coordinator's role. Example: The Head Coordinator proposes a change to the list of duties assigned to the Executive Team.


  1. You may Second

  2. Any prop that changes Bylaws, changes how OWBN works on an OOC level, and most miscellaneous props require a Second. To Second a proposal you should edit the Subject line to read “[Second Proposal]” and sign with your name and chronicle. If a prop is not seconded within one week, it does not go to a vote and is automatically withdrawn. If a proposal has been Seconded, you may wish to also Second in case the original Second is withdrawn. Please be reasonable with this, after ten Seconds or so that is probably enough not to worry.
    1. Changing the Bylaws – It is appropriate to quote the bylaw as it is and then separately show what you wish the Bylaw to read and generally appreciated if you highlight or accentuate the difference. Then either before or after this section explain why you feel such a change is a good one.


  1. Just go to a vote no matter what

    1. R&U – To submit an R&U log into the site and fill out the form on the chronicle dashboard and the Archivist will make the Proposal for you. (It is generally a wise idea to have already communicated with the appropriate Genre Coordinator as many members will weigh the Coordinator’s opinion heavily in their decision.)
    2. Disciplinary – Should a proposal be put forth for an Org wide disciplinary action it always goes to a vote and does not require Objection or Second. (Disciplinary actions that are restricted only to that chronicle are not proposed to Council, but must be sent to the Archivist and Council then included in the next chronicle report. Any changes must be made in the same way to a player's Disciplinary Status within a chronicle.


  1. To submit a Proposal

    1. Please submit any proposals with the phrase [Proposal] in the title.
    2. To make a change to the proposal, in the subject of the message include [AMENDMENT] and in the body of the message include the description of what is suggested. This may only be done by the original author of the proposal.


  1. Code of Conduct for the Council, Storyteller, and Coordinator List-Servers

    1. Please remain considerate, professional, and act with civility towards others.
    2. If you are determined to be acting in violation, simply apologize and amend your behavior(s). The Executive Team will determine if you are in violation of the Code of Conduct.
    3. If you persist in the behavior(s) after being warned to stop, you will be placed on moderation for up to one week. Moderated posts will be screened by the Executive Team for continued violations before being shared.
      1. Council Members placed on moderation that are attempting to post items related to their duties, such as seconding or objecting to proposals, may have their posts edited to remove any violations to the Code of Conduct before the item is shared with Council.
      2. The Executive Team will not use moderation or the Code of Conduct as a means of silencing debate or discussion related to the official duties of Council Members, Storytellers, or Coordinators.
      3. Should no further violations occur, moderation will end within 24 hours.
    1. In addition to moderation, official disciplinary actions may be proposed for the Code of Conduct violation, or for continued violations of the Code of Conduct, including any occurring during moderation.


Sharing with your game

  1. May share

    1. Bylaw changes
    2. Genre Packets
    3. Admissions : Location / general information


  1. May NOT share

    1. Plot proposals
    2. Disciplinary proposals
    3. R&U submissions
    4. Character resurrections
    5. Admissions : Plots / character info


If you have any questions as to whether a proposal may be shared with players you may ask the Exec Team for a ruling or the author of the proposal.

  1. Coordinator Bylaws 3.C.iii
  2. Administrative Bylaws 7.3.iv
  3. Administrative Bylaws 6.B.ii
  4. Administrative Bylaws 3