Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 10/2022
E.g., 10/2022
Proposal Name Proposal Type Opened Closing Votes
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL]Removal of Disciplinary Action for Mike Woodin Other Public 23-Sep-2022 30-Sep-2022 37
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] Addition to Character bylaws, 10 point Morality Scale Bylaw Revision 18-Sep-2022 25-Sep-2022 26
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Bylaws][Autopass] 10.o.xii Binding mechanics for hedge magic items Bylaw Revision 15-Sep-2022 22-Sep-2022 31
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Establishing the Assamite Justicar Position 2022 Other Public 22-Aug-2022 29-Aug-2022 41
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] Custom Content that affects True Faith Bylaw Revision 16-Aug-2022 23-Aug-2022 30
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] Addition to Bylaw 9.a.i - Vampire Regulations - Disciplines and Combination Disciplines - Out of Clan Disciplines Bylaw Revision 12-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2022 38
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] [AUTOPASS] Packet - Nosferatu line item update - change to one line regarding logging prestige Genre Packet 18-Aug-2022 18-Aug-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaw Revision] Addition of Mediation Coordinators Bylaw Revision 10-Aug-2022 17-Aug-2022 36
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Bylaw Revision]Changeling Merits, Flaws, and Backgrounds Bylaw Revision 15-Aug-2022 15-Aug-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaw Revision] Clarification/Addition to Character Sect Bylaws Bylaw Revision 07-Aug-2022 14-Aug-2022 42
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaw Revision] Banning of the Custom Combination: Bring Them Back Bylaw Revision 04-Aug-2022 11-Aug-2022 45
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [Autopass] Magic in the Movement 2022 Packet and Bylaw Updates Bylaw Revision 03-Aug-2022 10-Aug-2022 44
[OWBN-COUNCIL] [SPECIAL ELECTION] [CHANGING BREEDS] Coordinator Elections (Special) 02-Aug-2022 09-Aug-2022 61
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] TT XP allowance Bylaw Revision 31-Jul-2022 07-Aug-2022 46
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Potential Autopass] Tremere Regulation Bylaw Revision 19-Jul-2022 26-Jul-2022 38
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] Addition of Archivist Subcoords and Reduction in Archivists. Bylaw Revision 16-Jul-2022 23-Jul-2022 49
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Auto-Pass][Bylaws][Auto-Pass]Merit: Danava Ally Bylaw Revision 22-Jul-2022 23-Jul-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] Addition of Judiciary Coordinators Bylaw Revision 15-Jul-2022 22-Jul-2022 51
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Web of Knives Clarification Bylaw Revision 18-Jul-2022 19-Jul-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [Amendment 1] [AutoPass] Assamite Ranks and Factions Bylaw Update Bylaw Revision 18-Jul-2022 19-Jul-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Edit to Loyalist Rank Sections of The Children of Haqim Assamite Genre Packet 2020 Bylaw Revision 18-Jul-2022 19-Jul-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Control of Canon NPC - Mother Elridge Other Public 23-Jun-2022 13-Jul-2022 54
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Control of Canon NPC - Carlita "Big Sis" Gutierrez Other Public 23-Jun-2022 13-Jul-2022 59
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Change to Bylaw 7.c.i Learning Custom Content PART 2 Bylaw Revision 29-Jun-2022 06-Jul-2022 44
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Bylaws] Lasombra & Abyss Lore Bylaw Revision 11-Jun-2022 18-Jun-2022 26