Council - Closed Votes

Closed Votes

E.g., 06/2023
E.g., 06/2023
Proposal Name Proposal Type Opened Closing Votes
Change to Character Bylaws: Morality Traits Bylaw Revision 24-May-2023 31-May-2023 37
[AMENDMENT 1] [Bylaws] [Genre Packet] [AutoPass] Ladder of Heaven Packet 2023 and Bylaw Updates Genre Packet 24-May-2023 31-May-2023 38
Special Election: Salubri Coordinator Run-Off Coordinator Elections (Special) 02-May-2023 10-May-2023 68
[Special Election] Salubri Coordinator 2023 Coordinator Elections (Special) 24-Apr-2023 01-May-2023 71
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS][Bylaw Update] Black Hand Knowledge Ability/Lore Regulation Bylaw Revision 30-Mar-2023 06-Apr-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Territory] Gangrel Coord territory request - Uruk and As Saiyid Jabir Other Public 24-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 34
[Proposal][Territory] Ventrue Coord territory request - Ziggurat of Ur and Nasiriyah, Iraq Other Public 25-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 31
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Packet][Genre][Auto-Pass] Line item edits to the ravnos 2022 packet Genre Packet 29-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][ANARCH][AUTO-PASS][Packet] Anarch Genre Packet External Inbox Council Genre Packet 21-Mar-2023 28-Mar-2023 35
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS][BYLAW UPDATE] Regulation of Lore: Bahari Bylaw Revision 25-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS]Character Bylaw Addition: Ba’Hara and Bahari Language Bylaw Revision 25-Mar-2023 26-Mar-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Coordinator Bylaws] - Changing Web Coord from Appointed to Elected Bylaw Revision 02-Mar-2023 10-Mar-2023 32
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][Packet][AUTO-PASS][OBJECTION]Camarilla Societies Packet Genre Packet 09-Mar-2023 09-Mar-2023 6
[OWBN-Council] [proposal][genre][auto-pass] Return of the Eye of Hazimel to the Ravnos! Other Public 26-Feb-2023 26-Feb-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL] [AUTOPASS] Territorial Custodianship Claim for Demon Coordinator: The Maw of Sleepers 2.0 Other Public 26-Feb-2023 26-Feb-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][AUTO-PASS]Character Bylaw Addition and edit: Ghemalish and True Enochian Bylaw Revision 26-Feb-2023 26-Feb-2023 0
[OWBN-Council] [PROPOSAL][TERRITORY] Buffalo NY for KoNY Other Public 10-Jan-2023 18-Jan-2023 7
[OWBN-Council] [Anarch][Proposal][Packet] Anarch Poisons & Curses Genre Packet 20-Dec-2022 27-Dec-2022 44
[OWBN-Council] [Changing Breeds][Proposal][Autopass][Packet] Uktena Genre Packet 21-Dec-2022 22-Dec-2022 7
[OWBN-Council] [Changing Breeds][Proposal][Autopass][Packet] Wendigo Genre Packet 21-Dec-2022 22-Dec-2022 7
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Bylaws] [AutoPass] Changing Assamite Factions Update Bylaw Revision 15-Dec-2022 16-Dec-2022 0
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Administrative Bylaw Revision] Marketing Budget Bylaw Revision 09-Dec-2022 15-Dec-2022 23
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal][Auto-Pass][Bylaw Revision] Sect Infiltrators Bylaw Revision 02-Dec-2022 03-Dec-2022 1
[Special Election] Assistant Head Coordinator 1 Coordinator Elections (Special) 24-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 47
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] [Genre Packet] Anarch Poisons & Curses Genre Packet 18-Nov-2022 25-Nov-2022 27