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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 16-Feb-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 18-Feb-2001 1:00AM EST

It is hereby declared that in the interests of openness in rules mattersbrought before the OWBN council (hereafter referred to as "The Council").
That any rules, organizational, and/or game mechanics proposal once
duly proposed and seconded shall be posted in it's entirety to the OWBN-ooc
list server for review by the OWBN player base.
This shall be done by the AHC within 24 hours of the notification sent to
the council and ST lists that a proposal has been posted to the vote
The purpose for this is to allow the OWBN players an opportunity to make
their opinions known to their home chronicle's council member prior to
final voting on the proposal.
This requirement will only apply to matters that will affect rules,
organizational and/or game mechanics in all OWBN games.
Proposals regarding plot, rare/unique PC's or NPC's, and specific details
about applying games and their plots, NPC's, or characters shall not be
posted in the interests of maintaining both confidentiality and the mystery
that is so important to the OWBN genre.

If there should be any question on whether or not the proposal is
appropriate for player viewing, the Head Coordinator shall have final
adjudicating authority on the posting of said proposal, and MAY call for an
immediate vote from Council re: same. This will put the proposal on hold
until that vote is finalized.
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