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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 31-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 31-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST

1st Candidate: Jennifer "Loopy" Smith
To the Council of One World by Night:
Greetings to you all! I realize that my name is going to be new to
several of you, but I'd very much like to introduce myself and throw my hat
into the ring for the new Rare and Unusual Coordinator position. I'm Jen
Smith, although most of you will know me by my nickname, Loopy. For the
past two years I've played the character Phoebe Marx.
For some time now, I've been very interested in becoming more involved in
the structure of OWBN. It's pretty clear that the system has some holes in
it, and I think that the new administration is coming out of the gate in a
good position to correct many of the problems. I'm extremely
interested in becoming a part of that administration, and helping repair
some of those holes.
When I first heard about the creation of the R&U coordinator position, it
was like a lightbulb went off over my head. I think that this particular
position will be critical in solving some of the worst existing problems
the organization, and I've come up with several ideas for immediate as well
as long-term improvements to the system. Most of you read and voted on
those ideas when my proposal passed in early January.
I've got two years worth of non-OWBN storyteller experience under my
belt, as well as almost six years of larping experience. Over the course of
that time, I've been given the opportunity to play rare types of PCs and
and have thoroughly educated myself on their world-of-darkness
Additionally, I've been the administrator for Northwestern
University's independant larp, and I know what it's like to balance plot,
players and storytellers. I've often served as a facilitator of
communication between players, storytellers and administrators--my
strongest talents are
as a mediator and organizer--and I'm confident I can serve well in this
important and sometimes delicate arena. I also know how difficult and
important it is to facilitate communication between administrators and
storytellers, and I
see that as a primary responsibility for the R&U coordinator.
It's obvious that OWBN desperately needs to have a central database of
its rare and unusual characters -- both PCs and NPCs. As the organization
grows, and individual games each propose the addition of more and more rare
of characters, the shared universe of OWBN becomes more and more saturated
with elements that eventually no longer become rare nor unusual.
Storytellers need to be able to reference, through a central administrator,
the types and numbers of such characters, so they can best choose how and
when to introduce new unusual elements, and for this, a database must be
created and maintained.
I personally feel as though it would be critical for R&U NPCs to be
included in this as well, especially those NPCs reflected by the Mentor
background and the Elder Boon merit. I feel that many STs, especially those
taken over games in mid-story, have little to no knowledge of just how many
R&U NPCs are being represented by these bonuses. With a good coordinator to
paint an accurate picture of the PC and NPC populations, STs can better
these backgrounds to create plot as well as maintain some of the mystique
of these rare & unusual elements.
As coordinator, I'd gladly put my computer-addiction to use to create
such a database and use the information contained within to work with STs
and other coordinators to help create and facilitate plot throughout the
global OWBN
organization. I also intend to be the central figure behind the proposal,
voting and approval process of all R&U PCs. Using timely correspondence, I
would take the PC submissions from STs, compare them to information in the
database, and then submit those proposals for vote to the Council,
including any commentary/recommendation from myself based on the
information in the database.
My ideas and suggestions for this position could easily fill several more
screens, and I encourage and welcome any of you to contact me with your
questions or concerns. I'm excited at the opportunity to not only become
more involved in the OWBN organization, but to also help bring balance and
solution to one of OWBN's current problem areas.
Thank you all for your time and consideration.
Jen "Loopy" Smith

2nd candidate: Michael Riedlinger

I began with One World by Night in October of 1995 as a player. In May of
the following year I became a regular in the Kenosha chronicle before
moving to Winona, Minnesota. There I started the still running Vampire and
chronicles which we eventually split into two seperate games. In 1998 I
moved back to the Illinois/Wisconsin border and resumed play in the Kenosha
chronicle after turning down a position on the Story Teller staff of
(I had a new-born to take care of). After a little less than a year off, I
returned to Kenosha as a Story Teller and helped Matt Bock clean up the
mess left by Jim Mcgarity and others like him. Today I am the Head Story
Teller and Council Member for Kenosha.
I am what some call a Mr. Mom. As such, much of my time is free to deal
with game concerns.
What qualifies me for the job?
I don't expect pay! Not only do I work for free, but I also have a couple
other factors working in my favor.
* I am quite familiar with the World of Darkness and can tell the
difference between a rare Vampire character and a not so rare Werewolf
* I am well conected. By that I mean only that I talk to a lot of people
from a lot of places. I organized a cross chronicle plot that included
Hamilto, New Zealand. I worked with our Gangrel Coord, Alexandre De Fritas
Dias, on
obtaining the character and background for Gabrial Camaratta
(diabed Xavier) with the help of altavista's babble fish.
* I have worked with both Steve Sauer and Chris Weurtz on
developing a "What is R&U" list, the end result of which was the vote that
created this position.
* I am discerning. I have a knack for crack, as it were. Pherhaps my
standards of what is what are high, but I also recognize the council's
place in deciding things that are not cut and dry.
* Organization is high on my list of things that come easy to me. You
should see my CD collection! :)
I would recomend talking to any of the STs or players from Kenosha. I
deal with them almost daily at times and I think that my work ethic speaks
for itself. For more info on this, I'd get a hold of Jen from Kenosha at
Terikanova@aol.com, or for a more distant appraisal of me, Chris Barrs, the
current Giovanni Coordinator, I think you have his addy. :)
Michael Riedlinger
Kenosha: Memento Mori

3rd candidate: Scott A. Little

OWBN Experience
Player for -4 years, having visited 14 Different Chronicles throughout
the Midwest and east coast. Served for the last 1 ? years as OWBN
Thaumaturgy & Tremere Cord. Helped formulate the thaumaturgy rules for
many Midwest
chronicles. Served for the last 3 years on the OWBN website team, with the
last 2 years as the Webmaster.
I feel that it is important that as a candidate for this position, I
should state everything that I have every played.
In my time in OWBN, I have played two Tremere, a Toreador, a Ventrue, a
Giovanni, an Assimite, a Ravnos (before they where R&U), a Lasombra
Antitribu a Ghoul (not in that order). Mentors taken have been 3 in clan
ones (With one Tremere, my Ventrue and my Assimite). Of the
uber-merits, I have taken Luck once, Code of Honor once and Debt of
Gratitude once. If I'm forgetting anything please correct me any of my
former or current storytellers.
Position on Rare and Unique
It is my belief that Rare and Unique characters are there to provide
spice to what should already be a rich game world with the 12 clans (poor
old Ravnos). Furthermore they should be entrusted to only the best
players, whom will not abuse nor spread the "Bad Wooj" that R&U creatures
It has troubled me in the past to listen to people who have played almost
exclusively R&U creatures (many non-council approved). I find this the
sure sign of a Twink who needs to play A 10th Gen Gangrel for a change.
Some people like to think that the normal clans are boring somehow, and
they whine and complain about not being allowed to play something "Cool".
This is just silly! Look at the long history of OWBN.
Look at some of the best known characters in OWBN: Jean Paul Florant IV,
Pia Hunter, Malice, Blackwood, Arcades Daemos, Pavel Nadolski, Guy
Darlingfoot, Harliquin, Maruska Petrovna, Skye O'Mally, Anne Bennett,
Ligadier Truffaut,
Byrd Mann, Archon Collin Masters, Bunny Bernaducci, Nicky
All these characters are of the standard clans. I would dare someone to
find a list like this of R&U Characters. Not those some have not been
extremely well played and had a lasting impact on the game. Good examples
being Raymond DuLac and Archon DeSade.
I only bring this up to say that Rare & Unique does not equal "Cool
characters" ...role-playing ability equals "Cool Characters".
Another thing that has disturbed me is the proliferation of strange
mentors in OWBN. The mentor background has been abused and twisted into
being only a justification for out of clan advanced disciplines, and the
strange ones at that. I really get disturbed by the "7th gen Caitiff"
mentors with clan specific disciplines to simply justify to maintaining of
powers in the 3ed edition conversion, and then this mistake being
compounded by allowing new characters to have this. Contrary to statements
that have been made, I don't believe in just "Willy Niily" handing out of
Advanced OOC or Combined discipline powers from mentors.
What would I bring to the position of Rare and Unique Coordinator?
The part of the OWBN Charter that has been ignored the most is the Rare
and Unique Creature Clause. This is for several reasons, the most
important being Ambiguity.
The position of Rare and Unique coordinator is very important at this
time, as it stands to have a great effect on OWBN as a whole as we become a
more cohesive organization.
As I see it, the job of Rare and Unique Coordinator would include the
following duties:
Start-Up Duties
1: Coordinating the creation of a delineated set of Rare and Unique PC and
NPC types for OWBN to be passed by council. This should be completed and
proposed to council in no less than 1 month from time of election.
As of this time, I 6 proposals ready to put to council one at time, that
will cover the major genres (Vampire, Wraith, Werewolf, Changeling and
Wraith) and one that will cover general rules and procedures for R&U
Creatures in a precise manner.
2: Create a Master list of all currently existing Rare and Unique Creatures
(As defined by the above proposal). This to be completed within 1 month of
the passing of the definition of "Rare and Unique" (stated above in point
At this time, I am working with the Voting System Administrator, to have
a list of Rare and Unique creatures posted behind the Password protected
firewall of the voting system, so it is available constantly to council,
protected from general view. Elected or not, this will be
implemented as a function of being the Webmaster.
Ongoing Duties
1: Publish a monthly list to the ST and Council list of all Rare and Unique
Creatures in OWBN including Home Chronicle, Player Name, Character Name,
and Creature Type.
This is being prepared now for whoever gets this position.
2: Maintain and Update the list.
System being put in place for whomever gets the position.
3: Help new chronicles bring their chronicles into line with OWBN Rare and
Unique standards.
Quite often, as the webmaster, I am the first person that is contacted by
people interested in joining OWBN. The latest example is the Paris, France
and surrounding games that are looking to join OWBN after having left the
Camarilla Fan Club. One thing I have already talked with them extensively
about is the R&U breakdown of their games. The biggest problem has been
having a defined list of what is meant by that, so I have some first hand
knowledge of what prospective games need to know.
4: Formulate proposals for additions or subtractions from the Rare and
Unique list as changes in the White Wolf published material and OWBN Plot
would dictate.
5: Coordinator Restrictions: As a consequence of this, it would be
necessary that during tenure as the R&U Coordinator, one should not play
anything that would require even council notification. None of my current
characters should fall under this, but if they do, they will be permanently
(Current Characters are a Schismatic Assamite, a Tremere, and a Ghoul).
Thank you for your time,
Scott Little

4th Candidate: Rory Frederick

GOALS: organize all Rare and Unusual Creatures into defined
categories by Chronicle and other defining factors
For example, I might have a file that looked like this:
San Francisco: Always Comes Evening
ELDERS (Generation, Status)
RARE (Lasombra AT, Gargoyle, etc.)
ELDERS (Generation, Status)
RARE (Lasombra AT, Gargoyle, etc.)
This essentially would give me quick access to any
information I may need. I would greatly like to be able to get backgrounds
and histories on each character, more focused on PCs, but also NPCs, to see
if there may be opportunity for any unifying storylines that could come
into play across the world or in specific regions.
REASON: I would like to take a more active part in OWbN. While it is true
that we have started a game in Stockton that is applying for membership and
has been accepted as a participating local chronicle by everyone in our
area (WtD, ACE, Sac, Sac Sabbat, Auburn), I would like to have a more
personal hands-on part in OWbN. Besides, someones gotta beat out Shaughnn
at something, right? :-)
SKILLS: Well, when it comes to game, I'm highly focused and usually have
lots of creative ideas. I've been LARPing for about 6 or 7 years now (yes,
started LARPing when I was 13...) and I know a lot about the systems and
A huge part of being the R&U Coordinator is knowing
who to talk to and how to talk to them. I have had contact with people all
over OWbN, and especially in this region, and can speak to all of them in
ways they'll understand. Essentially, I know how to say no to the people
around me, and I'm just stubborn enough not to budge on the matter.
Besides, who else could have conned Terry into siring him but a real
people person? Of course, I was taken my medication at the time. Sorry,
awfully non-sequitor and off-topic, but I figure showing a sense of humor
is a good thing.
I've also got quite a bit of time on my hands. I am only going to school
two days a week this semester, and spend a
great deal of time online, as anyone on my contact lists can
testify to. Just as Ross Anderson how often I wind up bugging him...or Mark
Brantner. Not to drop names, I'm just trying to demonstrate that I do have
a finger on the pulse of OWbN in that I have contact with many PCs, STs,
and Coordinators.
I think that's about all I can say on the matter.

5th Candidate: Melissa Morrison

To assist the organization of One World by Night as its Rare and Unusual
Creature Coordinator.
1999-2001 Crossroads in the Dust, Champaign-Urbana,IL
Assisted with the ongoing storytelling of OWbN s first Wraith chronicle.
Created and portrayed various Non-Player Characters, including Countess
Elizabeth Bathory, a major player in the Wraith universe.
Assisted in the first major Wraith/Vampire crossover plot, The Brujah Go
To Hell And All They Get Is This Stupid T-Shirt.
1999-2001 Various One World by Night Chronicles
Isabelle Giovanni, Dona of Champaign. Interacted with Giovanni Player
Characters across One World by Night.
Alexis Madlinger, Ghoul. Major player in central Illinois politics,
usually as a target.
1996 1999 Various Non-OwbN Chronicles Illinois
Portrayed Player Characters and NPC s in limited-term chronicles averaging
a year in duration.
Assisted in the Storytelling and Creation of a one-year chronicle;
portrayed major NPC s in several chronicles
I have strong organizational skills, am capable of working independently
within a large organization such as One World by Night, am able to keep
separate game matters and personal prejudices. Not only do I have
experience in the environment of One World, I am an experienced gamer and
Storyteller in a non-One World setting.
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