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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST

OWBN Policy on Specific Things from the Books
Part 1: Locations
As locations are immobile places that may only be claimed by one chronicle,
it is reasonable that a chronicle may lay
claim to a location mentioned in a White Wolf source book, provided the
location falls in the domain of their game (ie. Tillinghast Mansion in
Providence Rhode Island, Haunts pg.11). The chronicle wishing for the
location must notify
council two weeks (or more) prior to useage. Provided their are no
objections, the chronicle may utilize the location from that point onward.
If objection is made, a vote may be called for forbidding the chronicle
from utilizing the location. The chronicle may not use that
location until the voting is settled.

Part 2: Objects
Specific unique objects mentioned in the White Wolf books (such as the True
Cross, Siklos, or Hesha the Setite's personal lap-top computer) are more
problematic, and require strict council approval. The chronicle wishing
for such an object must make their request to the OWBN Council,
detailing why the object is necessary for the plot, and the length of time
that the object is required. Council will then vote on the request. If
approved, the chronicle gets the object for the length of time specified,
after which the item is considered out of play. If the plot goes awary and
said object ends up in the hands of a player, Council will either inform
the player that the object "disappeared one day" (or some other such line),
or will appoint a liason (such as the nearest coordinator) to monitor the
use of the object, if it is deemed unobtrusive to the integrity of OWBN
continuity. Alternately, Council may simply decide to allow the object to
be released freely into the hands of the chronicle, with no stipulation for
later taking it back out of play. This may be specified before release of
the object, or in response to plot development. Note that in allowing a
chronicle to have, even temporarilly, an
object, OWBN is allowing for the possibility that said object may be
detroyed, harmed, or otherwise altered due to PC and NPC interaction.

Part 3: Personages
Characters unique to the White Wolf books (ie. Anatole, Charon, Caine,
etc.) are part of the World of Darkness, and
while the World of Darkness overlaps with One World By Night, the two
worlds are not identical. Any chronicle desiring a specific person from
one of the White Wolf books must obtain council approval. A proposal for
the character, with details as to why the character is necessary for the
plot and details as to the duration the character will remain in play, must
be submitted to council for a vote. If Council votes to allow the
character to "visit" said chronicle, it is uder the assumption that the
character is an NPC. No character from a White Wolf book may be played as
a Player's Character. At the end of the duration, the character "leaves."
Chronicles may petition for extended duration if plot permits, as Council
requires time to vote, the character may be "out of play" for some time due
to processing. Note that in allowing a chronicle to have access to a
particular character from the White Wolf books, Council is accepting the
fact that
due to PC and NPC interaction, said character may be harmed, altered, or
even killed.

Part 4: Coordinator Involvement
1 - Many coordinators already have NPC's under their jurisdiction
specifically from White Wolf books. These are
considered to be "Grandfathered In" under this provission.
2 - Coordinators must inform council that they are going to bring in a
specific person, object, or location for a
specific purpose that falls under their jurisdiction. A detailed request
and account must be provided for Council to review. Council must be
notified two or more weeks in advance. Provided there are no objections,
the coordinator
becomes responsible for said specific. If there is objection, a vote may
be called forbidding or retsricting said request. The coordinator must not
use said person/place/object until Council has finished voting.
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