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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 03-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 02-Jan-2001 1:00AM EST

All 3 proposals, in the order they were proposed, shall be listed in theirentirety here. You may choose any 1 of them, reject them all, or abstain.

1st Proposal, as amended

A new Coordinator position shall be created, designated the Rare and
Unusual Coordinator (R&U Coordinator). This position shall not be a voting
position, although the coordinator will be given access to the Council
This coordinator has four duties:
1) Maintain a listing of what is considered Rare and Unusual, as defined by
the OWbN Council. Said listing should be divided by genre, as what is rare
in one type of game is not always the same as what is rare in another type
of game. It must indicate whether a particular R&U type requires full
Council approval, or if simply informing the Council of its presence is
sufficient. Any conditions for rarity based on subgenre, PC/NPC status, or
other such factors should also be listed. Modifications to this
listing must be presented to Council for approval, and the Council has the
right to alter or eliminate any entry on said listing by majority vote.
2) Keep a record of all rare and unusual characters in One World by Night,
including historical figures. Said record must include the name, clan (if
applicable), and chronicle in which it is used (if applicable), along with
any other pertinent information. If a character sheet is available for the
character, said character sheet is to be kept on file.
3) Coordinate with the Council on R&U applications, posting R&U requests to
the Council list for approval in a timely manner, and informing the Council
with each request how many other representatives of the same R&U type are
already present in OWbN.
4) Coordinate with the Admissions Coordinator to ensure that any R&U
characters in chronicles applying for membership in OWbN are approved for
use and properly recorded when the chronicle is admitted. Storytellers
within the One World by Night organization shall have the
following responsibilities in connection with this position:
1) If Storytellers wish to use an R&U character requiring Council approval
in their game, they must inform the R&U Coordinator a minimum of three
weeks before it is to be used in game. This allows for a one week
discussion period, a one week voting period, and one week for processing of
application. R&U requests that simply require Council
notification must be provided to the R&U Coordinator a minimum of one week
before it is to be used in game, to allow for processing of the
information. No R&U character
is to be used in any OWbN game if it has not been sent through proper
2) Storytellers must provide updates of NPC R&U character sheets to the R&U
Coordinator when appropriate, along with an indication of whether or not
said character is available for use in other chronicles. Unless a
significant change has been made to the character, said updates need not
made more often than every six months. Alterations to the character
equivalent to 30 or more experience points since the previous update shall
be considered sufficient change to warrant an update.

Proposal #2 - proposed by Susan Benson/seconded by Cass Whittington

This was actually written by Loopy Smith, aka Phoebe Marx

The Rare & Unusual Coordinator position is something that One World has
needed for some time. The problems that have arisen from the lack of
communication between various independently-run chronicles are not only
far-reaching, but have ended up having a significant impact on several
major plotlines of the game, because the Disciplines of said Rare & Unusual
character types are becoming commonplace. This cheapens the flavor of such
characters, and a properly empowered coordinator can help alleviate the
problems with well-placed effort.

The Rare & Unusual coordinator should first of all create and maintain a
database listing of all approved Rare & Unusual characters and
routinely-appearing/interacting NPCs. This would include all PCs and NPCs
as well as the NPCs that represent the Elder Boon Merit and the Mentor
Background. Because the effectiveness of the position will heavily depend
on facilitating and maintaining communication between STs and the
Coordinator, it's critical that all STs submit to the new coordinator a
complete listing of all R&U PCs and NPCs, including Elder Boons and Mentors
that fall into the R&U category.

After the list has been created, the Coordinator will be responsible for
reporting to the ST list/Council an overview listing of existing R&Us
within OWBN and offer the collective governing body a global picture of the
R&Us in the organization as well as rough guidelines on how this does or
does not mesh with existing White-Wolf published materials.

The Coordinator can then propose to STs of various chronicles ways to
further R&U related plotlines on a global level, if desired. The R&U
coordinator should also actively work with other Coordinators to help
facilitate plots and "overplots" as necessary or desired. It would be ideal
for the R&U coordinator to combine/organize said NPC network also, and
suggest/facilitate plotlines between various STs and themselves regarding
said NPCs.

For example: in the Midwest, it's quite possible that various PCs in
Kenosha, Milwaukee and Green Bay all have a 5-pt. Mentor who is a Samedi.
Instead of having 3-5 7th generation Samedi running around the Midwest
idly, it would make sense for the various Mentors to be combined into a
single NPC, and used as a plot device at ST discretion.

The R&U coordinator would oversee the approval of R&U PCs as they are
proposed for approval to the Council. It would be said Coordinator's duty
to take ST requests and from there create the proposal letters for R&U PC
approval, as well as provide advice/commentary to the council regarding
said PCs. (I.E. STs submit their PC approval request to the R&U
Coordinator, who then takes over the approval process, noting any
significant information he/she feels is important for the Council to know,
such as "Here's a Lasombra antitribbu submitted for approval. Please note
that this is the THIRD Lasombra antitribbu in a row this particular player
has played, and this will be one of 12 Lasombra antitribbu in the Midwest
that are currently active. I recommend that the Council NOT approve this PC
for those reasons.")

The Coordinator can also recommend plotlines where applicable to STs
relating to the actions of R&U PCs who may be calling attention to
themselves that would draw the interest of other
Bloodline-members/Superiors. In essence, the R&U Coordinator is a "mini
Clan Coordinator" for the various Bloodlines and other out-of-the-ordinary
creatures of One World By Night.

Proposal #3 - proposed by Michael Riedlinger/seconded by Kevin Wilhite

The position of Rare and Unique Coordinater be created. This position will
be purely administrative. The R&U Coord will keep a history of R&U
Characters as well as help chronicles prepare R&U Applications for council

approval/notification. The R&U Coord will annually chair a comittee to
develop/review the R&U list. Once the comittee has a list, it will be
submitted to the OWBN Council for approval as a subsection of Article 5 of
the OWBN
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