Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Londrina, PR - Brazil, Blood and Vendetta

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
2004 Election for Sabbat Coordinator 07-Dec-2004 23-Nov-2004 No vote submitted
2003 Election for Sabbat Coordinator 08-Dec-2003 02-Dec-2003 No vote submitted
2002 Election for Sabbat Coordinator 02-Dec-2002 24-Nov-2002 No vote submitted
Election for Sabbat Coordinator 03-Dec-2001 26-Nov-2001 No vote submitted
Genre Proposal: Update to Setite Sorcery Packet per path rarities 09-Feb-2007 16-Feb-2007 No vote submitted
Genre Proposal: Setite Sorcery Packet Revision, 2009 23-Apr-2009 22-Apr-2009 No vote submitted
Revision of Coordinator Bylaws Section 3: Financial Coordinator 31-Dec-2002 17-Dec-2002 No vote submitted
Table the Tremere Genre Proposals until after elections 19-Nov-2001 08-Nov-2001 No vote submitted
2006 Election for Toreador Coordinator 04-Dec-2006 27-Nov-2006 No vote submitted
2005 Election for Toreador Coordinator 07-Dec-2005 23-Nov-2005 No vote submitted