Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Fredericksburg, VA - USA, Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort ascending
2004 Election for Tzimisce Coordinator 07-Dec-2004 29-Nov-2004 mike
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Control of Canon NPC - Carlita "Big Sis" Gutierrez 13-Jul-2022 23-Jun-2022 for
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Control of Canon NPC - Mother Elridge 13-Jul-2022 23-Jun-2022 for
[OWBN-Council] [Proposal] Infernalist PCs Disallowed 16-Apr-2022 08-Apr-2022 for
2014 Coordinator Elections - Sabbat Coordinator 15-Mar-2014 05-Mar-2014 Zeb Hillard
2018 General Elections - Salubri Coordinator 12-Mar-2018 05-Mar-2018 Zac Race
[Exploratory] Whether OWBN should investigate and potentially develop a plan to migrate to the new MET rules system 23-Aug-2014 16-Aug-2014 Yes - Immediately proceed to discussions/proposals to determine if and how to migrate to the BNS materials
[Proposal] Archivist Bylaw Update 28-Jul-2015 21-Jul-2015 Yes
Baali R&U Change to Coordinator Approval 17-Aug-2010 17-Aug-2010 Yes
Revision to R&U By-Law 3.D.i 18-Aug-2010 18-Aug-2010 Yes