[Bylaw Revision] Change to the Way Coordinators "Control" Territories (Coord Bylaws, 3.C.iii.5.)

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 23-Apr-2015 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 30-Apr-2015 11:55PM EDT

Tampa Bay by Night proposes to separate the restriction levels of Coordinator Territory between character backgrounds/back-stories and the active use of the area in game-play.
We believe the current Bylaw giving Coordinators the ability to Claim Territory is overly restrictive and is a burden for a new player/character who may just be trying to incorporate a canon city in their background - or who just want to visit a Coordinator-controlled territory without disturbing the status quo.
This is a change to the Coordinator Bylaws, Section 3.C.iii. and requires a second in order to go to vote. As always, your feedback is appreciated.


5. Passing new Coordinator Territory before council is considered something that affects multiple chronicles. All Coordinator Territory must be designated either "Approval" Territory or "Notify" Territory in the Proposal. After passing Coordinator Territory of any kind that territory should be added to the Territory List which shall be posted to the OWBN website.

5. Coordinators may lay claim to territories in order to preserve or uphold the status quo established by the canon material, or due to Council-approved plot-lines or other such world-events

a. Claiming new or modifying existing territories is considered something that affects multiple Chronicles and must be brought to the OWbN Council independent of other proposals

1. Coordinators may propose sole control of a territory, or joint control with other Coordinators, specified in theproposal
2. After a territory claim has passed a vote of the OWbN Council, the territory will be added to the Territory List posted on the OWbN website

b. Each claim must include the proposed levels of restriction for each category of the territory

1. These categories are as follows:
i. Character backgrounds / back-stories: Approval, Notify, or None
ii. Use in Game-play: Approval, Notify, or None

2. These categories may be further specified, if desired, by creature type (for example: Vampires, Mages, Changing Breeds, Wraith) and/or Sect

3. The level of restriction for at least one of these categories (either Backgrounds or Game-play) must be Coordinator Notification or Coordinator Approval; a Coordinator may not lay claim to a territory which has "None" specified for both character backgrounds and game-play. Such areas are covered in the AdministrativeBylaws, Section 1.B.iii.

In order to handle the "conversion" from the existing system to the new one, each Coordinator-Controlled territory will have it's current level of restriction automatically applied as the default for both categories. Coordinators may then change them later, as this proposal specifies.
Thank you,

- Brian Orlando
  HST & CM: Tampa Bay by Night


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