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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 29-Nov-2004 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2004 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Chris RiccardinoApplicant Email: criccardino@snet.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: LONE
Support From:


My history in OWbN...
I've been a player in OWbN for some.. seven years. I've played in 8 or 9
chronicals games, been part of several large event games. I have been on staff
as an st, hst, cm, or simple narrator in four games. I've been a subcoord for
three of the last four Sabbat coords.
My history as a gamer?
It starts WAY back in 78, with a little red box called Basic Dungeons and
Dragons. I've actively played no less then a dozen game systems (shadowrun,
ad&d in all its various incarnations, mechwarrior, cyberpunk, and a multitude
of others) I've helped playtest several games by Nova Games (ace of aces)
As for administrative..
I'm a project manager for a construction company. Every job I've had for the
last 15 years I've been part of management.

Personal Statement:

Its my goal to flush out this, the scariest of Clans.
Both from a game mechanics point of view, and an in game one.
I will work with the Tremere coord to iron out the wrinkles that are Koldonic
sorcery. I'll work with the Sabbat coord, so we can have iron clad genre.

I want to write a genre packet that will help people understand this clan; why
and how it works. Show people that even without FPA you can still be freaky
scary, and make people not want to throw chops.


Applicant Name: mike pumpkinhead
Applicant Email: lokilyesmith@optonline.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: Kings
Support From:


Former AST, KoNY
Former HST, KoNY
Council Rep, KoNY
Subcoord, Sabbat
Subcoord, R&U

I've been gaming for longer than i can remember, and a player in owbn since
shortly after the inception of KoNY. I've read, played and run almost
everything that white wolf has put out, with the exception of changeling,
because i don't beleive in fairies. My glasses are thick with geekdom and
useless knowledge. My administrative background comes from running games and
crappy retail jobs, so i have a thorough knowledge of shepherding the twisted,
stubborn, and evil. So tzimisce players should be no problem.

Personal Statement:

I've been a council rep for far too long, and i've made my opinions on genre
and the org widely known. I've posted my cell phone number, aim name and email
address on multiple occassions. I have no problem getting in touch with people
or having them get in touch with me, and the Tzimisce have been one of my
favorite clans since i first learned how to play the game (that's right, some
of us actually STARTED with sabbat, you prejudiced bastards). I know the
tzimisce genre inside and out, and i'm willing to work with the players to
come up with an official infrastructure for them to not talk to one another
in. Plus, i'll still be on the lists if i lose, and i know NONE of you want to
deal with that. Pumpkinhead in 04- give in to your hate.


Applicant Name: Rory "Magnificent" Frederick
Applicant Email: bootpartyking@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: RiverShadows
Support From:


LARPing since '97
ST/CM Stockton by Night Dec 2000-Jan 2003 and June 2004-present
ST River of Shadows March 2004-present
Playuh H8r Dec 1980-present

Personal Statement:


I'd like to establish some nice Clan-wide aspects for the Tzimisce players of
OWbN. So far, all I've ever really seen is Tzimisce whoring out Vicissitude and
Koldunism. While it's all good and nice to help out brethren and to forge bonds
of Blood with the weak and naive, what have the Voivode seen for their
descendants' toils? Do we even consider the opinions of our Elders?
The Tzimisce in OWbN are entirely fragmented and unorganized. They fall
underfoot to the conniving Lasombra and the flacid Ventrue. The time has come
for that nonsense to stop. Ancient friendships cannot be forgotten, but
neither can rivalries.
What's even more disheartening, the Tzimisce are generally less territorial
than Gangrel and Nosferatu, and less insane than your average Malkavian.
Something really needs to change.
Lastly, we really need a good Kupala's Night. All praise the Lord of Sorrows.


I'm wicked boss. Vote for me.
Moreover, I have spent the better part of five years bitching at Coords for
various nonsense. This is a chance for all of you to stuff that shit back in my
face and show me what an ass-hat I have been by making me a Coord.
For those of you who have agreed with many of my points in the past, then we
have common ground on the views of Chronicle rights.
Either way, vote for me.

Glowing Endorsements:

"You're worthless and all you ever do is fail." - My Mom

"The day you're in charge of something is the day a small piece of me has
died." - Jim Jurkovich, HST of Stockton and my best friend

"Can new Kolduns have Thaum like they're supposed to?" - an undisclosed ST


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