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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 30-39 players

Premise: Past is Prologue is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse Chronicle that runs in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Sept of Awen's Blessing, a Caern of Memory, is led by Silver Fangs, Black Furies, and Fianna. Sept games typically run on the 2nd Saturdays of March, June, September and December. Games for individual packs scheduled on an ad hoc basis on other months.

Theme: The past is the key to the present.

Mood: Aesthetically, Past is Prologue ranges from casual and comfortable to fully costumed with (safety-checked) weapons. We are a Garou-focused game, and although we do offer opportunities to learn more and interact with other genres, our main focus is our own genre. We focus strongly on both character development and the mechanics of the gaming system. The general mood of the game, to compliment the theme of exploration and reflection, is mystery.

Additional Information: Our game runs four individual pack games a month (one per storyteller), with full gatherings every three months (starting in December: December/March/June/September/).

This chronicle includes the Sept of Awen's Blessing and the Sept of the Crossroads.

Information for Travellers: Please have your sheets sent from your Storytellers to our staff at no later than the Wednesday before game, the earlier the better. Because this is a Garou-focused game, we allow 10% of our game population to be fera. To avoid disappointment, we strongly urge you to RSVP ahead of time and will allow fera in on a first-come-first-served basis, with preference given to characters based in our own game. We will base our decisions on RSVP characters on our previous game's attendance, and will allow additional fera if our actual attendance warrants it. We will not revoke permission from RSVP characters based on actual attendance.


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Head Storyteller: Eric Lyakhovetsky -

Assistant Storytellers:
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John Garlick
Eric L

Council Member: Eric Lyakhovetsky -

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Game Sessions

2nd Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Holliday Park
6363 Spring Mill Road
46260 Indianapolis , IN
United States
39° 52' 15.8556" N, 86° 9' 40.4424" W
Indiana US


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