Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Dois Vizinhos, PR - Brazil, The Kingdom by Night - Immortal Royalty

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort ascending
[PROPOSAL] (AMMENDED) Adjusting standards for changing our Charter and Administrative Bylaws 06-Aug-2015 30-Jul-2015 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Archivist Bylaw Update 28-Jul-2015 21-Jul-2015 No vote submitted
Addition to Administrative Bylaw 2.A.i. 15-Jul-2015 14-Jul-2015 No vote submitted
Removal of Administrative Bylaw 10. Conclaves 18-Aug-2015 11-Aug-2015 No vote submitted
Revision to Character Regulation Bylaw 3E 21-Nov-2015 14-Nov-2015 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL] [AUTOPASS] Deregulation of Ventrue Houses 27-Oct-2015 20-Oct-2015 No vote submitted
[Proposal] Givings Coords Official Rights to Govern their Electronic Media 22-Jan-2016 15-Jan-2016 No vote submitted
[Special Election 2016] [Demon Coordinator] 10-Jun-2016 03-Jun-2016 No vote submitted
[AMENDMENT] Brujah Paths of Enlightenment 05-Jun-2016 29-May-2016 No vote submitted
Add missing Brujah Combination Disciplines to Bylaws 05-Jun-2016 29-May-2016 No vote submitted