[Proposal] [Amendment] Storyteller Vault NPCs to be treated like Canon NPCs (now with CMs name)

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 13-Nov-2017 11:55PM EST
Closing: 20-Nov-2017 11:55PM EST

I Rob Beckett, CM of Orlando: Magic Kingdom, Propose the following addition to the character bylaws.




d. Storyteller Vault Characters

i. Storyteller Vault characters are regulated in exactly the same manner as canon White Wolf characters in section 5.c above.

ii. This does not apply to characters created in OWbN prior to the publication of a specific Storyteller Vault product.



Recently Larry passed a prop which made all STV mechanics count as custom content. Adam just passed a prop that requires a lineage chain for learning custom content. At this point, there is no way to learn these powers w/o going to the originating STV characters. Much like canon characters there needs to be consistency in their use across our shared universe.


The bylaw language of this prop is written intentionally so that STV character regulation automatically changes and stays in sync with canon character regulation.


It is the intent of this proposal to ensure that the council passed prop found at http://www.owbn.net/votes/97365 is able to have its obvious intent followed.


For reference here is Character 5.c which this prop would mimick:

c. Published Canon Characters
    i. Characters that have been published by White Wolf are to be automatically considered controlled by the appropriate Coordinator and are thusly exempted from voting requirements to use these unique characters.
         1. Should there be a conflict of custody of a published cannon character, the parties seeking joint control of the character can petition the Executive Team for mediation.
              a. If the result of this mediation is a Binding Agreement, it has to be logged with the Archivist.
              b. Council can object to the use of a particular published cannon character by a Coordinator and propose that it not be used for the remainder of the term of that Coordinator should there be significant concern that the published canon character is not being used responsibly.

HST - Tampabay by Night
Council Member - Orlando: Magic Kingdom
One World by Night Brujah Coordinator


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