Custom Fallen Rituals

Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Fallen Rituals
XP Cost: 5XP
MET Mechanics:

Ghostly Inferno

Primary Lore: Flame 3

Secondary Lore: Realms 2

Base Cost: 5

Restrictions: The ritual requires a burnt offering of flesh be placed in the center of the sigil.

Minimum Casting Time: 25 minutes

System: The demon engages in a static social challenge against a difficulty of 8 traits, and spends any number of social traits. Survival is the applicable retest. Fire fills an area in the Shadowlands with a radius in yards equal to the number of social traits spent, up to a distance away equal to the Ankida's Faith in yards. The fire's intensity is equal to the number of social traits spent, and burns for a number of minutes equal to the Ankida's Faith. The flames are invisible to mortal eyes, but the Ankida can vaguely perceive a patch of shimmering haze where the blaze lies, and he can control it while the blaze persists, as per Command Flame. Within the blaze, mortals and demons alike suffer 1 aggravated damage per round for each social trait spent. Because the flame is spiritual in nature, this damage cannot be soak through physical means. Individuals who possess an immunity to fire are immune to this damage. If the intensity of the blaze is enough to ignite items within the area, they begin to burn until they are destroyed or until the ritual concludes, at which point they suddenly cease to burn. In the Shadowlands, victims that are exposed to the flames take damage, but can use armor and supernatural forms of damage reduction as normal.

       Torment: The flames of this ritual cannot be controlled by the Ankida, but they are more powerful and cover a greater area. Add half the number of social traits spent to the fire's radius and intensity. While the flames remain invisible, ghastly moans and screams emanate from the affected region. Mortals must make a willpower challenge against a difficulty of 7 traits. Failure indicates that the mortal loses a willpower trait and gains a temporary derangement.  

       Variations: The flame manifests, concentrated around a specific individual anywhere in the world. To perform this variation, add the Lore of the Firmament: 2 to the ritual requirements, and the sigil must contain a personal item belonging to the target or a piece of their body, and the Ankida cannot control the movements of the flame, though the fire continues to burn the victim no matter how they try to escape its grasp. Additionally, adding the Lore of Portals: 2 prevents individuals affected by the fire from entering other realms of existence (ex. Umbra, Shadowlands, Abyss), confining them to the plane they are currently in until they leave the area of the flame.

Date of Archival: 29-Oct-2018