Massacre at Acid Bridge.

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Collinsville (IL).  Dozens of 911 calls were received by local authorities in the early nine o'clock hour last night with reports of unusual noises coming from the nearby construction site surrounding the Acid Bridge Project, presently being spearheaded by Venziani Holdings, LLC.

The Acid Bridge is well-known for its status as being one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

As additional information was received, local authorities called in additional police forces, including riot control, as witnesses began reporting extreme acts of violence.

Upon arrival, authorities report that multiple individuals were engaged in what could only be described as 'a bloodbath' in the construction area of the Acid Bridge.  Dozens were already dead, and dozens more were engaged in melee with one another, allegedly using 'whatever instruments were on hand.'

According to reports, numerous civilians as well as police officers became involved in the melee, resulting in additional casualties of a 'nature too graphic for viewing.'

While the area was able to be cordoned off, police officers were unable to deescalate the situation, even using riot control equipment.  And as a result of countless persons making use of cellular devices, additional melees outside the incident zone were reported.  Multiple persons were arrested and/or hospitalized.

Authorities have validated that the total number of individuals involved directly in the melee were 71, all of whom are now deceased.

Federal inquiries have begun into this incident.  Local and federal authorities are considering this to possibly be a 'dry run' of a future terrorist act.


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And in usual dark internet humor,

Video of an unidentified individual at the scene, presumably a member of local police forces, has become an INSTANT meme.

In the video, a well-dressed asian man in a trenchcoat and lower-facial gasmask, can be seen walking into the incident zone.  Whereupon he attempts to kneel, but falls on his face.  And upon standing up, he slips again, landing flat on his back.

Said video has been edited, very much so with Mario Kart tones, involving banana peels, and purple shells.

In the full (unedited) video, the man then stands up, rights himself professionally, and continues to walk further into the incident zone, appearing to pick up some form of a weapon perhaps, as he does so.  And then he passes under the bridge, disappearing into unlit areas beyond.

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