2014 Midwest Palla Grande

2014 Midwest Palla Grande

Event Description:

Pre Registration
$15.00 - Until End of June.
$20.00 - Until Event.
$25.00 - At the Door.
$15.00 - Single Day.

VIP: ArchBishop: +$10.00, OWbN PVE Retest
VIP: Priscus: +$15.00, PVE Retest & new "Line Skip Voucher"

*New* Archbishop & Priscus may now add *Player Vs. Chuck Farmer's PC Retests at the added cost of $5.00 each.

To Register please send an email to: 
Subj: Event Registration

In that email, please include your registration information, and any additional options you would like to add. You will then be sent payment information.

OWbN PvE Retest: You are familiar with them as they have had many names depending on the cause of their use. For this one, Funds are being used to donate to OWbN in the name of our chronicle, and OWbN Marketing Fund and to provide the nifty stuff for the event itself. Additional PvE Retests may be purchased ($5.00), but only by Archbishop VIPs.

Player Against Chuck Farmer's PC Retest: In an effort to stir chaos and donations to the event. Chuck Farmer has added this bit of fun. These retests may be used in any challenge against any character (not NPC) that Chuck is portraying throughout the weekend. With a limit of 5 retests per challenge. However, Chuck may purchase retests to cancel yours. 

Line Skip Voucher: Just like what it sounds. When presented to a member of event staff; they will politely and diligently wrap up any non-combat scene, with alacrity. You will then jump to the head of the "Waiting for an ST line", and gain immunity to this effect being used on your scene for 30 minutes.

Game On - 5:30 pm each day. Soft Role Play may begin immediately; Hard Game Start at 7pm

Game Off - 12:00 Midnight each day. Soft Role Play may continue as desired. "Hard" scenes may continue at St availability and Discretion.

Sheets Sent in advance to
Subj: Sheet: - Name(s) - Chronicle

Character Sheets must be sent by Chronicle staff, not by the Player of the character to be accepted.

Custom anything, and all Combo Powers must have write ups in your notes section. Sheets that do not contain this information are more likely to Red Pen if the staff is not familiar with the power.

Characters sent with R&U, will be confirmed - don't send it, or play it if the character isn't legal in OWbN.

Accepted formats are: .Doc, .PDF, and Grapevine.

Staff Contact: Midwest.Palla@Gmail.com

Event Dates: 31-Oct-2014 4:30PM CDT to 02-Nov-2014 4:30PM CST
Genre(s): Sabbat
ST Contact: Midwest.Palla@gmail.com
Event Website:
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link
Lodging Details:

Best Western Harborside Inn and Kenosha Conference Center
5125 6th Avenue
Kenosha, WI US 53140

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