Madison, Wi - USA, Black Crusade

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Genre(s): Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Welcome to Madison!
Fabled ancestral home and origin of Priscus Archer's Rise to power and dominion over the "mid-west". It has been now over a year since the city was under seige, and the signs of recovery are now apparent. The Dark is Dark, but there is light around each corner if you know where to look. Cainites compete for territory among each other as well as other monsters in the city. Madison is a staging ground; that has roads which can take you anywhere; if you have the strength and stamina to travel them.

Theme: Self Discovery, forged by war and darkness.

Mood: Supernatural Elements: Moderate to high. You are NOT alone in the world of darkness, and your decision will impact their lives and vice versa. Typically they will interact as much as you interact with them - but Cainites are not alone in Madison.
Danger: Characters have free range to explore almost any aspect of natural development. _When_ your character is discovered, other characters will respond accordingly, so will NPCs
Mechanics: The staff is generally well versed not only in vampire/sabbat history and Mechanics & expect players to be the same. While it is not a "focus" of the game... Players who's characters have "Nod lore 5" are expected to be able to casualy quote the book of nod, without looking at it. Players who's characters are on paths, are expected to be able to quote their tennets and ethics. The rules are a guide, but aren't to be ignored.
Religion: "Sabbat Religion" is often and deeply explored. "Poseurs" are called on their "Lackluster" "Faith"
Ceremony: High Holy Holidays & Ritae

Additional Information: Discord Link:

Information for Travellers: Converts are respected as brothers and sisters, but don't expect _everyone_ to love you with open arms Panders are not "looked down on" by 98% of the diocese. Madison is the "stomping ground" of: Priscus Archer (Keeper) Archbishop: Renee Rexana (Keeper) The Bishop of Madison: (Open)


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Head Storyteller: Shane Nichols -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Dennis Hamand
Steven Hondlik

Council Member: Michael Yokich -

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Game Sessions

2nd Saturday

Genre: Sabbat
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House Rules PDF icon MBC House Rules 2020.pdf