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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 40+ players

Premise: The Last Stand chronicle is a relitively new sept that seemed to spring out of the mists one day in mid July 2021. The sept accepts new members but seems to come from a slightly different reality that was destroyed with only a few members and their loved ones slipping through.

Theme: Garou in the woods finding their way

Mood: We encourage costuming. We deal a great deal with the supernatural as well as the environmental concerns of trying to save Gaia. The game is often split on doing more roleplay then doing combat ad the staff always encourages players to come up with a fun and exciting ways to solve problems.

Information for Travellers: We would like to have the traveling character's sheets in by at least Thursday before game. We meet fist and third Saturday at Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis with doors opening around 5:30 pm. Game on I around 7pm. Site fee is about $5.


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Head Storyteller: Shawna Schwartzbauer -

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Council Member: Dominic Frost -

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