Springfield, OH - USA, Ohio Knights Sabbat

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle
Springfield/Bucyrus OH , OH
United States
Ohio US

Genre(s): Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Reforged once more the central Ohio region has found new leadership and a new way. With a handful of elders of the Sabbat to offer guidance, fresh blood abounds in the rural and farmland ridden countryside. But in what seems like an idyllic place to set up a road block between Camarillan domains, has also seen its fair share of other supernatural horrors. Werewolves, Bygones, Hunters, Mages, and each other, what will it be that does you in?

Theme: Crisis of Faith, Monsters in the shadows, pack politics

Information for Travellers: We play in the back section of a church and have plenty of parking, bathrooms, and amenities. We often times share the space with other groups but our area is rarely ever compromised with non-larpers. Heated with minimal AC, the church is a great site to play and close to the highway and food options, very close to the Easton Mall and 10min from downtown!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/244500292684826/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/244500292684826/

Chronicle Email Lists:

Head Storyteller: Chris Pieratt - eapoe@hotmail.com

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Ryan Dickerson rdickerson6@gmail.com
Bill Werring oks.ast2@gmail.com

Council Member: Ryan Dickerson - rdickerson6@gmail.com

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Game Sessions

2nd Friday

Genre: Giovanni, Sabbat
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:

4th Friday

Genre: Giovanni, Sabbat
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Unity Church of Christianity
4211 Maize rd
43201 Columbus , OH
United States
39° 59' 34.7352" N, 83° 0' 4.3956" W
Ohio US
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