San Bernardino, CA – USA, Secretos de Sangre

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Genre(s): Anarch, Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: One year ago, the Sabbat managed to make a permanent foot hold in San Bernardino County. Bishop Ferdinand resides in Redlands, just south of the city of San Bernardino, as the forefront prong to the war against the Camarilla of California. Settled in, surrounded by Anarch Barons on all sides, and the Camarilla just a rode trip to the West, the political clime of the Sabbat has started to filter into the city. With a Loyalist Bishop running the forefront of the war in this area, Sabbat packs are encouraged to "prove their worth" in the struggle against the Antediluvians. They are also beset by each other, in a never-ending political struggle for power. At the same time, packs of Werewolves beset the area, controlling outside areas that the Sabbat don't wander to, but with occasional assaults on the areas they do reside.

By Blood, by Sword, or by Fang, the Camarilla here will be destroyed!

Welcome to the Sabbat!

Theme: Organized War

Mood: Costumes are recommended but not required. Semi-dark game, with emphasis more on Roleplaying than Rules. There are some cross-genre events that happen, as we do work with the other two LARPs in the local area to build larger storylines overall.

Ultimate mood: Dark war-times

Additional Information: Game runs once a month on the first Saturday of the month. Drinks are available, provided by staff. Donations are welcome to help aide the game in dues and keeping drinks up and running.

We also run on Discord, contact the Sabbat Facebook page for the link, on the Friday night before the Live game.

Information for Travellers: House Rules for New Characters - This includes standard character creation and 5 freebie points from book Chargen. 30 XP starting.

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Head Storyteller: Shane West -

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Erika Castro
Robert Tucker
Christopher McLaughlin

Council Member: Robert Tucker -

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Game Sessions

1st Saturday

Genre: Sabbat
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Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Glendale Police Department
633 E Broadway
Glendale , CA
United States
California US
Additional Notes:
Located in the park between the Court House and parking structure. Please be mindful of local pedestrians. Restrooms are located at the Bar or at the Bowling Alley across the street from game site.

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