Salvador, BA - Brazil, Veritas Salvatore

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Genre(s): Camarilla

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Salvador is a Historic city. Where many regional tales pervade a sinister environment, mixing the pure dread, the personal horror suggested.

What is known and is of Public Knowledge.

Mysticism is very high and mingle in several supernatural facets.

The City has historic and emblematic places even for the history of the country.

Ancient creatures inhabit ancient places. Some pay dearly for not knowing this. The immortal influence of the Camarilla seems to be within the DNA of the soteropolitan ... But something always seems to threaten this control.

Mood: We do Live every 3 Months. Where we organize in an environment restricted to those involved in the project and perform the necessary interactions.

Our face-to-face Play is once a month, but because we play in unconstrained environments, a more aggressive outfit may not be well interpreted.

We constantly touch and address issues related to different genres, with the high mysticism we have in Salvador, his RecĂ´ncavo and the Bay of All Saints.

Information for Travellers: There is no prejudice against any of the 8 Clans of the Camarilla. The deadline for sending the file is a maximum of 48 hours before starting a game.

Website: No Website Listed

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Head Storyteller: Eddy Tosetto -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Douglas Silva
Rafael Rover

Council Member: Douglas Silva -

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