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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle
Twin Cities , MN
United States
Minnesota US

Genre(s): Camarilla

Number of Players: 20-29 players

Premise: The Twin Cities exist as a strong Camarilla domain within the bounds of the x94 highway loop. The Modern Nights demand that citizens balance carefully their own needs vs the domain's integrity. Political movements within and besieged from without, there is never a dull night in the Twin Cities.

Theme: Politics, Morality, Midnight wars

Mood: Aesthetics are primarily player driven, with exp incentive for costuming and other creative applications.
The focus supernaturally tends to be low supernatural, with the majority of PC interactions being with humans and other vampires. Occasionally another supernatural type is brought in, usually as an antagonist or other form of wrench in the plans. Focus tends around grit and story. Mechanics are more emphasized in combat, particularly cvc, but is more relaxed in situations that are not as challenging, in order to allow for Players to feel powerful when appropriate. Humanity and morality is a focal point as well. Expect to be challenged on morality points if you choose to take reckless or inhumane action.

Information for Travellers: Please send sheets in a week in advance to allow for STs to look over and bring up any questions about material that they are unfamiliar with.


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Head Storyteller: Maria Erceg -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Luke Ries
Doug Cotton

Council Member: Drew O'Hair -

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Game Sessions

3rd Friday

Genre: Camarilla

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
100 W 46th Street
Minneapolis , MN
United States
Minnesota US
Additional Notes:
We often share the space with other renters, please be mindful of that and be respectful!