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Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Changeling, Changing Breeds, Giovanni, Kuei-Jin, Mage

Number of Players: 20-29 players

Premise: In the wake of a deadly conflict among the undead the great sects have been left in ruins. In the aftermath the Anarch Movement has risen to the challenge of taking and holding ground where so many human soldiers once bled for their divided country...but they are not alone.

The Anarchs have found the land they covet already claimed by other races who have no intention of moving aside. In the wild places shifters roam, viciously protecting their sacred sites from any interloper, in hidden sanctuaries Mages weave their intrigues, in the neon alleys of Chinatown the Kuei-Jin work their schemes and in hidden places the Fae pursue their inscrutable goals.

Forced by circumstance, the ever-present specter of the Sabbat and the appearance of strange monsters out of nightmare, an uneasy alliance has been forged creating a rare oasis where the great powers that be hold little sway. There is great freedom great as the danger that lies in its' shadow.

Theme: A wild frontier territory for the supernatural.

Mood: A multi-genre game dealing with an uneasy confederation of supernatural influences faced with several common threats.

Information for Travellers: Innfernal or BSD PCs should be very careful in the region as the local population more or less has a "kill on discovery" policy which is no secret. Among shifters the area is publicly known to be in a state of upheaval following the death of the old Alpha, non-garou shifter in the area are welcomed by the new Alpha but cautioned to not make too many waves. The standing alpha is publicly known as Psyche, of the Glasswalkers. Kindred travelers with Necromancy and even a single level of wraith lore will know to have the good sense to keep a low profile as a terrible conflict between civil war ghosts seems to be taking place in the region and the population is surprisingly high. Anarch PCs with even a single level of Anarch Lore can learn that the area is under the control of the Gangrel Baron Alexander Trask and his cell, The Ashen Talons. Trask is known to favor Gangrel and Gangrel bloodlines above all others. Visitors from other sects and independent lines are not forbidden so long as they don't "make trouble".

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Head Storyteller: Tim Thomas -

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Carl Clemens
Daniel Nelson
Virginia Grams

Council Member: Walter Miehle -

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Game Sessions

1st Saturday

Genre: Sabbat, Anarch, Kuei-Jin

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3717 Philadelphia Pike
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