Peoria, IL - USA, The Far Dawn

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Wolf Creek State Park Shelbyville , IL
United States
Illinois US

Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 0-9 players

Premise: When the Weaver and Wyrm war over a city while the Wyld is kept at bay by both, what do the Garou do? Can they return balance, or do they sit back and watch others do it for them? If so, what is the cost of their inaction?

Theme: City Caught in War Between Wyrm and Weaver

Mood: Dramatic, political struggles where nobody wins. A strong element of hopelessness and despair when good things end up hurting more. A spiritual side that is chaotic and unpredictable, thanks to the Wyld thrashing about in exile. Looming antagonists that seem too titanic to harm.

Less focused on rules and mostly on story. Rules fluctuate based on what works best for the story being told and for the flow of the game.

Additional Information: Games are held (usually) in Normal, IL and are set in Shelbyville, IL. We encourage visitors and love to help players explore the genre, for the first time ever or for the first time in many years. We play on 4th Sundays. If you have any questions, email the staff and we can help clarify! If you are uncertain if your item cards will be accepted by staff, please email us the card information ahead of time. Check in starts: 2 PM game start time: 3 PM. End time 9 PM. We do tend to go by LARPer Time. Thank you.

Information for Travellers: Please let staff know you plan to attend prior to game so we can plan accordingly, especially if your PC is Adren or above in Rank.


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Head Storyteller: Eric Grab -

Council Member: Eric Grab -

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Game Sessions

4th Sunday

Genre: Changing Breeds
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Game Site Address:
Players residence
1308 Clover Ln
Normal , IL
United States
Illinois US
Additional Notes:
Site is the residence of one of the players. Smoking is to be done outside.

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