Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Orland Park, IL - USA, Enigmas of Rage

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort descending
[Administrative Proposal] Clean-up to the R&U for Ravnos and Ravnos-Setite categories 25-Feb-2009 04-Mar-2009 No vote submitted
[Administrative Proposal] Addition to R&U Bylaws, Section 7. 20-Feb-2009 27-Feb-2009 No vote submitted
Home Grown Ritual R&U Update 21-Mar-2003 14-Mar-2003 No vote submitted
Ravnos Clan Lore Definition 06-Oct-2002 05-Sep-2002 No vote submitted
R&U Procedures and Guidelines 22-Oct-2001 16-Oct-2001 No vote submitted
R&U Procedures 08-Mar-2001 01-Mar-2001 No vote submitted
Path of the Wyrm for OWbN/MET 17-Apr-2002 16-Apr-2002 No vote submitted
Giovanni Infiltrator Classification 09-Jul-2002 01-Jul-2002 No vote submitted
[Administrative Proposal] Re-write of R&U Bylaw Section 8, Unregistered R&U Characters 09-Feb-2009 09-Feb-2009 No vote submitted
2003 Election for RUcoord Coordinator 08-Dec-2003 02-Dec-2003 No vote submitted