New Orleans, LA - USA, Long Night

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Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni, Mage, Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: The nighttime denizens of this historic city are in a state of flux. The prince has been absent from local politics for some time, but no kindred of note has stepped up to the plate to declare the office vacant, nor has anyone worthy of their salt declared praxis. Peace in the city is maintained by fear. Everyone knows the rules, no one's quite sure who's enforcing them, but everyone knows the penalty for stepping across the line.

North of the city, the state capital Baton Rogue is Anarch territory. The baroness, Akeehla and her sire, "Dowager Baron" Thistle have kept the city out of national politics for a while.
Visit at your own risk.

Theme: Mixed Genre

Mood: Lighthearted and fun.
We are rebuilding after Covid with new players joining established ones.

Information for Travellers: Contact the new HST - John by text at 601-520-6500. We play every other Sunday afternoon from 3pm until 6 or 7. Next game is 07/17/2022

Website: No Website Listed

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Head Storyteller: John -

Council Member: John Sitton -

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Game Sessions

1st Friday

Genre: Camarilla, Giovanni, Mage, Sabbat
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4th Saturday

Genre: Camarilla, Giovanni, Mage, Sabbat

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Please contact the chronicle staff for the game site location.