Nashville, IN - USA, Tea With Dragons

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Not Probationary
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Nashville , IN
United States
Indiana US

Genre(s): Changeling

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: A nexus of trods has opened, rendering a once quiet county into a booming front of politics, trade and conflict. Changelings of all different stripes align with factions, seeking to balance the power of purse against sword against influence. Some wish to be left alone to pursue their dreams, while others seek recognition, love or honor across the imagined mirrored fairy landscape.

Theme: Courtly fairy politics

Mood: PCs are strongly encouraged to costume their fae miens and are awarded extra XP for doing so. Fantastical outfits, face paints and prosthetics are highly encouraged.
PCs by default play their roles as fairies, but must also sometimes rely on their human personaes to get things done.
Mechanical focus is limited, with an emphasis on narrative storytelling.

Information for Travellers: PCs from non-changeling genres are required to first contact the ST staff to come up with a way that their character would know to interact with changelings.

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Head Storyteller: Eric Lyakhovetsky -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Natisha Lavender Duncan

Council Member: Dora Jay -

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Genre: Changeling

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Indiana Memorial Union Bloomington , IN
United States
Indiana US