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Genre(s): Changing Breeds, Kuei-Jin

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: It's never been easy for some Garou to survive in the concrete Jungle. Los Angeles makes that fight that much more interesting with the crush of people and the tall buildings. From Dusty Hollywood visions to the largest city park in the united states the Garou, the Fera and the Beast courts who call Los Angeles County home continue to struggle to make ends meet and fight the ever invading crush of the Wyrm and Weaver.

Theme: Survival, Mystery, Family Drama, The Underworld, Keeping It Normal.

Mood: Our game focuses on the drama, not just between characters and packs, but about the world around them. All Garou games have an aspect of combat, and ours is no different, but we try to balance the smashing with talking as much as possible.

Information for Travellers: Currently Dark Side of the Moon is on HAITUS for LARP activities in LA to resume. Our DISCORD game is "Light of Luna" and is currently active in our timeslot for Dark Side of the Moon. Darkside of the Moon is available on request for scenes in the area.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1623039394662705/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1623039394662705/

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Head Storyteller: Joy Wood - Storytellerjoy@gmail.com

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Council Member: Joy Wood - Darksideofthemoon.cm@gmail.com

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Game Sessions

2nd Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds
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4th Saturday

Genre: Changing Breeds
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Discord Los Angeles
United States
Additional Notes:
Due to the COVD-19 Crisis we have discontinued our in person LARP game and have gone into a DISCORD setting with an alternative caern so those who do not want (or can't) join us on discord don't have to worry about their characters. Our Discord can be obtained by requesting a link from the storytelling staff or through our face book page. Any visiting or new characters are requested to submit their character sheets the Wednesday before game. We have door characters for those who wish to join the game on the fly or play NPCS for a game on request the day of game.


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