Key West, FL - USA, Memories of Gaia

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Not Probationary
Satellite Chronicle
Parent Chronicle (If Satellite): Bradenton, FL - USA, Chaos & Entropy

Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Set in a world of Modern Horror, Gaia is in peril. The Everglades, one of her last bastions, is surrounded by Wyrm threats. Two Sabbat Archdiocese surround her to the Northwest and East. The Archdiocese of Ft. Myers (Ft. Myers: Midnight Siege), and the Archdiocese of Miami. Long has the Wyrm had time to plan out its advance into this last bastion, for 5 years they have been in a war of attrition. In October of 2021, word finally got out of the area. The spirits were able to relay a mission. "We are cut off and surrounded. The moon bridge network has failed. We need help."

As of June 2022, the moon bridge network has been established and reinforced. The Mokole have awoken. The Rokea return to the Waters. The Sept of Sunrise Birds (NPC Purelander) and Glittering Horizons (PC Mixed Sept founded by Bone Gnawers) have been saved. The threats in the city mount. The threats in the Everglades remain ever mysterious and elusive. There has been a lull, but the siege has not ended. Can you ensure this bastion of Gaia remains uncorrupted by the Wyrm? Can you hold back the growth of the Weaver/City? Can you balance the Wyld energies of the forest?

Theme: The Wyrm seeks to destroy a bastion of Gaia.

Mood: Social Roleplay mixed in with PvE Encounters.
Players tend to costume.
Staff tries to create as immersive a world as possible filled with tiny victories and emotional defeats.

Information for Travellers: Parking Passes in USF's parking lot is not enforced during the night-time hours. Park just about anywhere. Many of our players park by the College of Business, but Parking can get crazy if there is a concert at the Yuengling Center, so please try to arrive early. Staff tries to be on site by 7:00PM EST.

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Head Storyteller: Christopher Evans -

Assistant Storytellers:
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Robbie Nowatka

Council Member: Destiny Pacheco -

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