Gimli, MB - Canada, Sang Nordique

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Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: It seems that the city of Gimli prospered in the World of Darkness. This sleepy town has grown to a metropolis of over a million people, sitting on the banks of Lake Winnipeg.
When the city of Winnipeg was sealed to all Supernaturals, Gimli became one of the few northern holdouts against lupine threats, Anarch fringers, and darker things that lurk in the biting cold.

Theme: The Frozen Frontier

Mood: We have an ongoing lurking threat of lupines due to the remote location, but Vampires are able to keep away from them, so long as they don't call attention to themselves.
Efforts have been made to develop both the Necropolis and the Penumbra.
Mechanically, we try to push core book rules, and observe traditional genre. We have NPCs that personify these genre elements. That said, those PCs that wish to push away from norms are free to do so, with the understanding of IC consequences.

Information for Travellers: All sheets must be sent by your storytellers at least three days prior to the game. We reserve the right to alter sheets. Be aware that we do not permit any player character with an Out of Clan Advanced level of a Discipline for play, and will strike out those powers. All Custom Combos must have a full description attached to the character sheet sent by storytellers, and we reserve the right to deny them. All item cards brought into the game must be inspected by staff, and must be stamped for use. Item cards refused entry cannot be used in the Sang Nordique Chronicle. If interested in creating a character for Sang Nordique, please email us prior to game so we can assist in creating and approving a character prior to the game night. We do not support online only interactions, the expectation is that you are creating a character to physically play in the game.


Chronicle Email Lists:

Head Storyteller: Matt Nakonechny -

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Shawn Grieves

Council Member: Matt Nakonechny -

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Game Sessions

Every Other Saturday

Genre: Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni
Game Date Notes: Schedule details can be found here:

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
St Vital Park
190 River Rd
Winnipeg , MB
Manitoba CA
Additional Notes:
We meet near the central pond and play outdoors. This location is only available during the months of May - October. Player meeting is at 6pm - Game starts at 6:30pm.


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Disciplinary Policy PDF icon Administrative Rules March 7 2015.pdf
Downtimes House Rules PDF icon Player Action House Rules.pdf
House Rules PDF icon Sang Nordique House Rules June 2019.pdf