Fargo, ND - USA, Amber Waves

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Not Probationary
Satellite Chronicle

Genre(s): Changeling

Number of Players: 0-9 players

Premise: Maybe they aren't fighting Fomorians or banishing Demons, but does that really make them less interesting? This is a chronicle is designed to put drama, politics, and mystery before action. The changelings all still have their roles to fill. Even in the quiet tourist destination of Medora.

Theme: "A domestic drama with fae creatures."

Mood: This is probably the most upbeat WOD game you will ever attend. Despite that even when you character stands on the sunny sidewalks of a recreation of time in America that probably never existed, there is a sinister under current flowing just out of your sight. Even as Kithain gather for family picnics they have to grapple with the impact their predecessors had on the Forever people. When they tuck their kids in at night they have to wonder how long they can survive in this world and what will their kids have?

To explore all this we hope to place a heavy emphasis in drama. Combat is not impossible in this game but it is far from common place.

Information for Travellers: This is a "Fae Space". So visitors from other genres will not be allowed. Kinian that have other connections are allowed. (No ghouled kinain) Inanime and Hsien are more than welcome to visit. We are a Discord only game.

Website: No Website Listed

Chronicle Email Lists:

Head Storyteller: Matthew Skunberg - amberwavesst@gmail.com

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Emily Grindberg deaznua@gmail.com

Council Member: John Russell - wsr.council@gmail.com

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Game Site Information

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