Dubuque, IA - USA, Kingdom of Ashes

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle
Dubuque , IA
United States
Iowa US

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Changeling, Changing Breeds, Demon, Hunter, Kuei-Jin, Mage, Other, Sabbat

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Karahan exists on the edge of Creation. Far beyond any realm traveled by the denizens of the World of Darkness, lies the Kingdom of Ashes. Perched like a gargoyle over a hole in reality that was birthed ages ago, and into which all the Worlds Beyond bleed, the first and forgotten city is a bulwark against the twisted and incomprehensible creatures and concepts that try to enter our universe and subvert it into something horrifically different.
Ruled over by the distant and enigmatic Cinder King, the city itself is a kilometers-wide conglomeration of different styles of architecture from different eras of the world. Like a cancer, the city has grown upward and outward, piling upon itself according to the inscrutable will of it’s monarch. The remnants of civilizations lost to time, buried by wars, or erased from memory topple on to one another in a seemingly chaotic accumulation that nevertheless remains navigable and functional as a city-state.
The people of Karahan are a strange melting pot of cultures and eras. Like their city, they are the cast offs and forgotten souls of the world, snatched from obscurity by circumstance it seems, and given everlasting life at the end of all things. Languages, and entire species, that exist nowhere else make their homes among the ancient edifices of bizarre structures and curiously familiar furnishings. Persons thought missing from the world, or those who hoped to become lost themselves, turn up walking the streets from time to time. Few know exactly how they arrived, only that they are here now and feel that they belong.
And at the heart of the city lies the Taurus Lyceum. Once a great facility used by the city to house what passed for it’s civilian government and train it’s armed forces, it has been opened now to the Worlds Beyond. Hoping to attract the brave and the bold, to learn from them or perhaps secure their aid. The lords and ladies of Karahan have pushed back the dark void just enough to make this shining beacon a place for all peoples to come, compete, and find glory.
Welcome to Karahan, the Kingdom of Ashes.

Theme: A dark city at the edge of Creation

Website: No Website Listed

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2111911149061995/

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Head Storyteller: Brad Klinger - iowasabbatst@gmail.com

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Patricia Juhl juhl.patricia@gmail.com

Council Member: Brad Klinger - iowasabbatst@gmail.com

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1st Tuesday

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Kingdom of Ashes Discord Server Cedar Rapids , IA
United States
Iowa US
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Robins Community Center
265 S Second Street
52402 Robins , IA
United States
Iowa US
Game Site Address:
Ashes of Eden DIscord Server Cedar Rapids , IA
United States
Iowa US
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