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Not Probationary
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Longmont, Boulder, Golden , CO
United States
Colorado US

Genre(s): Sabbat

Number of Players: 40+ players

Premise: The Sabbat of the Front Range have been scattered here for a very long time. Under the leadership of former Arch Bishop Thomas, the Sabbat unified and formed a diocese that began in Boulder and grew to Golden. When Thomas was elevated to Priscus, Christof Von Sturm assumed the role of Arch Bishop, extended the Sabbat's territory to Commerce City and lit the fuse he had envisioned, to seize Denver and remove the Camarilla from the seat of power they have long enjoyed. Keeping the packs unified and focused on Denver has become more difficult than expected and as more and more new Sabbat come to the city the real dangers reveal themselves.

Theme: A Crusade for Denver

Mood: Costuming is strongly encouraged, costuming should reflect and give clues about the character you portray. This game is focused on the story and we encourage players to embrace this thought. That being said the randomness from "chopping" it out is also understood and encouraged as well. We are what I would describe as moderate in both areas.

Additional Information: We are Front Range Sabbat! A Sabbat genre chronicle set in Colorado.

-Please contact STs for full gamesite location address and directions.
-You can find us on Facebook:
-And on Puppet Prince:
-We meet for afters at the Denny's off of 70 and Kipling

To get our OOC play location, please contact the STs at:
And don't be afraid to bump if you don't receive a response in a day or so! : )

Information for Travellers: Please contact us via email or facebook as we do use two different sites currently.


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Game Sessions

1st Friday

Genre: Sabbat

3rd Friday

Genre: Sabbat

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