Dayton, OH - USA, Horus Rising

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Not Probationary
Satellite Chronicle
Parent Chronicle (If Satellite): Dayton, OH - USA, Dying Embers

Genre(s): Other

Number of Players: 0-9 players

Premise: Welcome All who dare to test their fates with Gods! Dayton, Ohio has always been a city for those who wish to Pursue such life style. Via it be to Start a Local Buisness, Pursue a Career or even settle down. Oh! What a Lovely city to thrive and be apart of! BUT This city holds great and dark secrets here. For when the night comes that is when this lovely city becomes a place of Sin, Greed and Violence. Their are things that goes bump into the Night that are frightful and evil. That does the very biding of Apophis himself, But the night is not lost. For you are an Amenti! Born to combat the Evil Fiends and bring Balance to this world!....Sorry I tend to get carried away, You maybe a Mortal who sense the presence of the Apophis and just now coming into the world of darkness on your Own. So I ask you.....Will you take part in the Paradise of Souls?

OOC: Hello, I am HST for this Lovely Game! My names Diamond.Welch. The Discord Link is below and also game times. Also an ST Email to Submit your Character Sheets, XP Spends, BGA Actions!

Run on 1st and 4th Mondays! Sign-In at 5:30pm and Game on at 6:00pm!


Discord Link:

Theme: Battling Against The Minions Of Apophis

Mood: Focusing on The Amenti and their Allies struggle to reclaim the city from the grips of Apophis Minions.

Website: No Website Listed

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Head Storyteller: Drel Welch -

Council Member: Jason Williams -

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1st Monday

Genre: Other
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