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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 30-39 players

Premise: Wyld Prophets: Appalachia is a setting reboot of the historical Wyld Prophets game. Focused on low-rank, low point garou characters -- the game aims to provide PCs with new mysteries, horror and triumphs.

Game Primer from January 2020:

I’m sorry you are receiving this message this way. These are not the types of words that should be read or delivered by spirits. In person would have been better, but there was no time. This took us by surprise, as much as anyone else.

You are a part of our family, whether by blood, spirit, or some other extension. Stag knows there are many ways to build a family. It’s possible that you don’t know that. It’s possible I don’t know you. But the fact that this spirit is speaking to you confirms it to be true.

I know asking for you to put your trust in a total stranger is a lot to ask in these dark days. My husband, Otis Ferrel, known as Rends the Ancient Foe, Athro, Ahroun, Homid, Fianna has become gravely ill. There is a sickness spreading through the hills and we do not have the numbers we once did to keep fighting. Not without help. And these hills, these homes, sing out for the return of family long lost. I can think of no one else to ask who might aid us.

I can’t offer you a caern. But we can offer warm meals, warm beds, and plenty of opportunity to claim your honor, wisdom, and glory.

Please. Come home.

Janice Ferrell

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Theme: Dark Mystery, Emotional and Personal Horror

Mood: Wyld Prophets is focused on the dark mysteries provided by the mountains, personal and savage horror, and the endless fight against the wyrm. Some adult topics are presented and players are asked to be honest about their limits with staff so everyone can have a fun, safe, gaming experience. Wyld Prophet ST's prioritize a collaborative storytelling experience, meaning the world is created and changed through the actions of STs and Players alike, working together to tell a narrative.

Additional Information: Game runs once a month on discord and live quarterly. Please see the game's Facebook page for more information.

DUE TO COVID-19 PANDEMIC we are currently only playing online once a month on 4th Wednesdays and will not be meeting in person.

Information for Travellers: Please be advised that during the spring, summer, and fall seasons we do play outside. Come prepared for rain and possibly bugs

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4th Wednesday

Genre: Changing Breeds
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