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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle

Genre(s): Anarch, Giovanni

Number of Players: 20-29 players

Premise: Carpe Noctum is an Anarch Chronicle focusing on dark personal horror around the players involved. Personal story comes to life through trials and tribulations while balancing the tension between Anarch Free State of Sandusky and their flanking Ivory Tower neighbors of Cleveland and Toledo.

Theme: Political Tension and Things that go bump in the night.

Mood: The mood is an ever evolving and revolving door of politics and personal horror.

Additional Information: We are a Vampire game with a primarily Anarch genre with threads of Independent and Camarilla PC's and plots. Any PC outside of these genres wanting to sign into our game must send their sheet 2 weeks in advance for approval.

Information for Travellers: Travelers can expect compelling pc driven plot and Anarch politics while embraced in a territory struggle with Anarchs. Sheet forwarding is always appreciated but is not required. If your home chronicle ST Staff is going to forward your sheet please try to have it by end of the Wednesday before game.


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Head Storyteller: Jeff Hance -

Assistant Storytellers:
AST Name AST Email
Mike Feller
Edward Gale
Shannon Hance
Mark Frederick

Council Member: Jeff Hance -

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Game Sessions

Every Other Saturday

Genre: Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni
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Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Euclid Masonic Temple
27271 Tungsten Rd
Euclid , OH
United States
Ohio US
Additional Notes:
We play at the Masonic Temple in Euclid. This is a fantastic site that allows for tons of players with room to spare. There are spacious bathrooms and a kitchen facility. Dinner is provided for a nominal fee as well as snacks and beverages.


Chronicle Resource Type Resource File
Disciplinary Policy File Carpe Noctum Disciplinary Policy 6.24.14.rtf
Charter PDF icon Carpe Noctum Charter July 2017 V3.pdf
House Rules PDF icon House Rules v20230312.pdf