Chicago, IL - USA, Prey to Predator

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Changeling, Changing Breeds, Demon, Hunter, Kuei-Jin, Mage, Wraith

Number of Players: 0-9 players

Theme: Self Discovery, forged by war and darkness.

Mood: Supernatural Elements: High. You are NOT alone in the world of darkness, and your decision will impact their lives and vice versa. You are to protect mankind or at least your own. This is a horror genre game of humans fighting against insurmountable odds. Everyone has a reason they hunt. What is yours?

Additional Information: Characters have free range to explore almost any aspect of natural development. However, you are a human, and the World of Darkness is not kind.

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Head Storyteller: Dennis Hamand -

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Marcus Frehr

Council Member: Dennis Hamand -

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