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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: Chronicle is currently not playing games due to covid-19. All characters based within the chronicle are remaining active, and are earning 8xp per month. The Chronicle is not accepting transfers into the game at this time.

Garou/Fera game based in Chicago. Current primary sept is Red Moon Rising, which is situated at Chain o Lakes Park. Most of the IC game play takes place around Chicago's north suburbs with small interaction with NPC septs in/around Chicago. Chicago operates within joint story arcs and joint NPCs across various genre's and multiple Chicago games. Some characters interact on this level with local "important/noteworthy" people from those games be them NPCs or PCs.

The Sept of Red Moon Rising has been a Sept of Wisdom dedicated to Black Unicorn for as long as most current PCs can remember.
Its Alpha is a Get of Fenris Theurge, and its Beta a Fianna Galliard.

Theme: Personal Horror

Mood: The game focuses to a serious degree with personal character development and how they travel the horrors of never ending war. While there is darkness and war in many different walks of life it is very apparent that war is everywhere, you just need to pick the battles you will fight, not all of them are physical. Despite this darkness characters are frequently reminded of the final sign of the Apocalypse, Hope. It is seen in the most unexpected locations and is often alters the development of characters in what they thought they knew about the world.

Costuming is encouraged, our game site is private and secluded. Although decorations of the site are few.
CNMR focuses an equal amount on tangible efforts of the war in the "Real world" as it does the Umbra and spirit realms. Sometimes even overlapping with other supernatural creatures.
Mechanics are important for any game, they are the OOC rules of fairness which govern the OOC side of the game. If ever there is a question or confusion about mechanics, consult a Storyteller, house-rules, then the book. Players should always feel free to ask the ST questions about mechanics when the ST is free, or in combat situations to ensure that the player is being treated fairly. Keep in mind that OOC mechanics are meant to be fair to players, they are not meant to be fair to characters - every character is not created or treated the same.

Information for Travellers: ::Travelers:: While characters should do their best to send word of their arrival in advance (Garou being paranoid xenophobes after all) it is by no means a requirement; In Character. Characters whom are over 300pts, or have custom Rituals or Custom Gifts they anticipate using, please contact the staff in advance as that character sheet takes longer to review and is easier to do it in advance instead of the check-in desk. **We Are Now on Haller!** So when we return to live games, you can also send your sheet as a visitor to our Haller Games Listing. ::New Players:: By all means come and try garou! More often than not, we encourage new players to experiment with Ahroun (Fighters), Ragabash (Rogues), or Galliards (Bards). They are the easiest auspices which allow you to learn both ICly and OOCly at the same time and require little knowledge of either the game, or the genre. New players are encouraged to play Homid (born as a human) and often city dwelling tribes. As the game takes place when not "on sept" in a city inviroment, it is easiest to play what the player is already familiar with. This is not a discouragement from anything beyond that, it is just what new players in the past have found easiest. Be sure to give the introduction section of "Laws of the Wild" (The Tribes, and The Auspices) a read and feel free to ask questions. Most new players are encouraged to play "Cubs" which is an IC character rank, which denotes that your character has very recently become a werewolf and is still in the process of learning about the garou before you are set off on your own.


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Genre: Changing Breeds

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