Cedar Falls, IA - USA, Lost Palisades

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Genre(s): Changing Breeds

Number of Players: 10-19 players

Premise: An OWBN Garou/Changing Breeds game set in the Palisades-Kepler State Park and Mount Vernon, IA. The game will focus on the animistic aspects of the genre, as well as the interpersonal conflicts of the various Gaian tribes. We want to focus on collaborative storytelling, and building a community of trust between the players and the storyteller staff.

Information for Travellers: This game has a heavy focus on Garou of the low tribes. Any travelling sheets should be sent to the ST list at least one week before the game session for Storyteller review. Any non-Garou visiting sheets must contact the ST List to explain the nature of your visit and how you are finding the In-Character gathering location.

Website: No Website Listed

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/278289629379266/

Chronicle Email Lists:

Head Storyteller: Mark Paar - Lostpalisades@googlegroups.com

Council Member: Mark Paar - Mark.paar@gmail.com

This chronicle information form was last updated on 20-May-2021

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Please contact the chronicle staff for the game site location.

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