Berkeley, CA - USA, Wasting the Dawn

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East SF Bay Area , CA
United States
California US

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni, Kuei-Jin

Number of Players: 20-29 players

Premise: Wasting the Dawn is a Camarilla centered game set in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay area), CA. The diversity of the Bay Area crosses over into the World of Darkness, and the kindred of Greater Berkeley have faced challenges from werewolves, Yama Kings and Neo-Carthage elders. In the wake of these challenges, the kindred struggle to thrive in the dangerous night.

Theme: Horror, Intrigue, Strategy, Puzzles

Mood: It is important to our players to costume and create an immersive environment. The game has been historically rich in the influence of other supernaturals. Now it is more focused on resources and the security of the Domain. We focus on story over mechanics but many players like to develop their characters through the mechanics.

Information for Travellers: ST Group: Please send sheets by Tuesday before game if possible. If you can't send your sheet, please bring a signed and stamped copy from your home game. We are flexible and want players to enjoy the game. Characters of Camarilla clans find welcome, and most Anarchs are welcome. Kuei Jin of the Celestial Court have allied themselves with the Camarilla Court in the past.


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Head Storyteller: Zephyr Siebert -

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Jason Sarley (AST)
Kyle (Sheet Admin)

Council Member: Lydia R -

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Game Sessions

4th Friday

Genre: Camarilla
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Game Site Address:
Embarcadero 2 San Francisco , CA
United States
California US
Additional Notes:
Second Floor, just under the balcony of the Patroit Pub.

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