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Annapolis , MD
United States
Maryland US

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Giovanni

Number of Players: 20-29 players

Premise: Originally known as "Suburban Maryland" or "Southern Maryland," Vitae Aeternus covers roughly 60% of Maryland. There is a large Anarch-held territory within its borders, and a large (formerly Sabbat-held) territory that is being expanded upon, and brought into Camarillan held territory. The central focus of the game is Camarilla, and has a solid political presence nationally, being home to Sovereign Prince Rook and his court.

Theme: Stable Camarilla Domain with a Sovereign Prince

Mood: Aesthetics: We encourage costuming by rewarding it with bonus XP (when appropriate). We always have minor decorations (a special collapsible wall to divide the play space), and occasionally run special "mini" events where we do considerably more decorating.

Supernatural Element: Our game fairly frequently touches into other genres; which ones, how deeply and how often depends on plots happening at the time. We tend to look outside of "Sabbat pack of the week" for antagonists, which means there will be the occasional haunting, angry spirit, annoying fae and bothersome werewolf to deal with.

Mechanical Focus: We're a pretty good mix of the two; mechanics vs melodrama. We try not to let rules get in the way of telling a good story, but that's not to say that we do not follow the rules. Mileage may vary from ST to ST as well.

Additional Information: For our precise schedule of games, including most Mid-Atlantic games' schedules, please visit our website. There is a google calendar of game dates available there.

Information for Travellers: There is currently a moratorium on Tremere PCs (being created / based in our game - visitors are welcome!), as there are a very large number of them across the Mid-Atlantic, and the region is just saturated. All other Camarilla Clans are welcome. Rules for creating a new character at our game can be found on our website under House Rules: Character Creation. We prefer for people to work with us in advance of attending a game, when at all possible, so that they aren't stuck waiting to get into play while finishing a character. Our players are happy to offer in-character connections for new players to help people become integrated in game more quickly.


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Head Storyteller: Dora J. -

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Council Member: Ben.R -

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Game Sessions

Every Other Saturday

Genre: Camarilla, Giovanni, Anarch

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Vitae Game Site
5267 Eliot's Oak Road
Columbia , MD
United States
Maryland US
Additional Notes:
We are playing a hybrid model (Discord/Live) for the foreseeable future. Please contact the Storytellers if you want an invitation to our game's Discord.

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