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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Feb-2015 12:00AM EST
Closing: 11-Feb-2015 12:00AM EST

I, Alex Rushing (Tremere Coordinator) Bill Jackson, CM for L'ange Noir propose that the Path of Levinbolt be considered proprietary to hermetic Thaumaturgy .
The Path of Levinbolt is listed as purely a Tremere creation in all published Dark Ages and Revised materials. It was included in a previous blood magic packet for Assamite Sorcery, but removed by the Assamite Coordinator when it was determined not to be appropriate to the paradigm.
Path of Levinbolt is one of the most highly coveted - and restricted - combat powers in the org, to such an extent that an org-wide meme exists about requesting the path frivolously. Less than five active PCs in OWbN possess Path of Levinbolt.
No rogue Thaumaturgist PC or NPC possesses Path of Levinbolt.
No Anarch PC or NPC possesses Path of Levinbolt. 
Existing Assamite Sorcerers whose possession of Path of Levinbolt was previously grandfathered shall retain the path. Those characters who possess Path of Levinbolt due to infernal investments shall retain the path.
Coordinator Bylaw  3Cii6aviII will be changed from
The following are exclusive to Hermetic Thaumaturgy:
1. Path of Mercury
2. Thaumaturgical Countermagic
The following are exclusive to Hermetic Thaumaturgy:
1. Path of Levinbolt
2. Path of Mercury
3. Thaumaturgical Countermagic
I'm proposing this because several chronicles mentioned that they would be willing to vote for it if propped by a chronicle, as they feel that it was not legal for Alex to have done so.
Bill J
CM - L'Ange Noir - Iowa City, IA


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