R&U Bylaw Addition, Custom Content Notification Requirement for Vampire PCs

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST

Tampa: Under Night's Cloak proposes Custom Content within OWbN for VAMPIRE PCs be raised to the level of Notification. The proposed changes in the R&U and Coordinator Bylaws can be seen below, in RED. Additionally, this proposal calls for a document be created to list all PC-created Custom Content across the network, maintained by the Archivist(s). The outline for this document may be viewed here.
This proposal requires a second in order to go to vote.
This framework affords the entire org one resource where Custom Content (again, for Vampire PCs ONLY) in the org may be collected, maintained and viewed. Currently, we have no visibility at all of what STs or Coords are approving as Customs. The bulk of the feedback in the previous proposal (and vote) on this subject seemed to indicate wide-spread support for Notification of Custom Content.
Additions/Changes are below, in RED
R&U Bylaws, Section 3.H.ii. - Uncommon Vampire Listings
UNCOMMON: Includes characters that should be monitored for genre adherence. PC: Notification to Coordinator; NPC: Notification to Coordinator
8. Custom Content for Player-Characters
a. Custom Content is defined as anything added to a character sheet or OWbN Document or Packet which has not been printed in a White Wolf/Onyx Path/CCP book. The following sections specify which types of Custom Content are regulated, and the requirements for creating and learning. Some Custom Content may be regulated by other Bylaws; in the case a Custom Content item is restricted elsewhere, that restriction shall be considered in addition to the regulations defined below:
b. Creating Custom Content
i. Blood Magic, including both Paths and Rituals
1. Requires the previous approval of the appropriate Coordinator for the Blood Magic in accordance with each paradigm's OWbN-approved documentation and the Coordinator Bylaws (Section 3.C.ii.6.a)
ii. Disciplines, Combination Disciplines and Discipline Techniques
1. Notified to the Coordinator responsible for the Clan of the character creating the Discipline or Combination Discipline (also known as Discipline Techniques)
a. For Combination Disciplines which require a component of either Blood Magic or a proprietary Discipline, Notification to the appropriate Coordinator for the Clan of the character and the Coordinator responsible for the Blood Magic or proprietary Clan
b. Instead of a Clan Coordinator, Caitiff/Panders use their appropriate Sect Coordinator
iii. Paths of Enlightenment, including customized versions of existing/printed Paths of Enlightenment
1. Notified to the Sect Coordinator appropriate to the character. For members of Independent Clans who are not part of a Sect, notification is to the Coordinator responsible for the character's Clan. These Clans are as follows:
a. Assamites
b. Baali
c. Followers of Set
d. Gangrel
e. Giovanni
f. Ravnos
g. Samedi
iv. Ritae: Notified to the Sabbat Coordinator
1. Only Ritae with mechanical advantages are required to be Notified
c. Learning Custom Content
i. Player-Characters learning any Custom Content (specified in the above Section, b.) previously created by another Character
1. If a PC learns Custom Content which has not been previously Notified (for example, from an NPC), in addition to the learning, the PC will be required to Notify the Custom Content as well (as specified in the above Section, b.)
ii. The Notification of this learning must include the name of the character who is teaching the Custom Content
The following items will be REMOVED from this section (3.H.ii.):
3.H.ii.3.a.2 Custom Combination Disciplines with Dementation
Reason: Characters creating Dementation Combos will be included in the above Notifications so this is redundant
3. Coordinator Duties

A. Administrative Coordinators

v. Archivists
3. Duties for Custom Content archival shall be:
a. All Custom Content will be recorded and compiled by the Archivists into a single document which shall be accessible on the One World by Night website.
i. This document will include the following information about each item of Custom Content:
  1. Name of the Custom
  2. Type (Discipline, Combo, etc)
  3. For Combination Disciplines, the component requirements
  4. Cost
  5. The MET Mechanics
  6. Date of the Archival
  7. Coordinator office responsible for monitoring the Custom Content
ii. HST Name and Chronicle Name (where the Custom Content was Approved) will be recorded, but not listed publicly in the document

B. Sect Coordinators

i. Sect Coordinators are responsible for:
3. Monitoring Custom content in One World by Night, in accordance with the R&U Bylaws, Section 3.H.ii.8.

C. Genre Coordinators

i. Genre Coordinators are responsible for:
8. Monitoring Custom content in One World by Night, in accordance with the R&U Bylaws, Section 3.H.ii.8.
Thank you,
- Brian Orlando
  Tampa's HST & CM


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